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New York, – NY diet MD is offering their patients a special discount on their next SKiNNI-FAST purchase with just a click on their Facebook page.

SKiNNI-FAST is a protein meal replacement ice kreme that utilizes specially formulated nutritious complete food supplement to promote consumption of body fat. SKiNNI-FAST! in ice kreme form is the identical nutritionally balanced meal replacement that can be incorporated into your lifestyle to achieve your weight loss and maintenance goals. SKiNNI-FAST program is a unique low-calorie and low-carbohydrate weight-loss method available at NY diet MD.

NY diet MD, the medical diet consultant, is offering special discounts to patients with easy-to-prepare and great-tasting SKINNI-FAST! ice kreme on a single click on the posts made on their official Facebook page. SKiNNI-FAST! Program by NY diet MD consist of a total of 105 calories, 15 gms of protein, and a 9 grams of net carbs and contain your daily vitamin, mineral and carbohydrate requirements in a balanced ratio. SKiNNI-FAST comes in 4 delicious flavors - chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, and cappuccino. For more detailed information on how to prepare the SKINNI-FAST! ice kreme, you can also watch the video on their site. The SKiNNI-FAST! Weight Loss Program offered by NY diet MD stops snacking and promotes weight loss complete daily nutrition and help overweight individuals to reach their goal of losing weight. NY diet MD offers balanced, safe weight and fat loss individually tailored programs. NY diet MD is the best destination to get your slim and trim life back. NY diet MD has highly qualified diet doctors and experts who will assist you with proper medical and dietary guidelines.

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NY diet MD has medical diet consultants that have helped thousands of overweight individuals to reach their goals of losing weight. They provide safe, medically supervised weight loss program which involves exercise, a healthy diet, the use of an appetite suppressant, prescription medication, and supplements that promotes the utilization of body fat in a big manner. They offer medically supervised programs for weight loss in Rockland County at competitive rate.

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Barry Adler, Nutritional Pharmacologist
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