Calysto Launches New Blog: CCO – Chief Content Officer

What is CCO:

CCO is a new blog published by Calysto Communications, the agency that has been keeping you abreast of what’s happening in the world of communications technology since 1999, through our newsletter PR Vibes. As the industry shifts its focus, CCO will keep you up to date on what’s new in the world of content, sharing with you how you can use content to raise awareness of your organization.

Why we publish CCO:

People like great stories. Even when they’re consuming information about technology trends or business topics, they expect to be entertained,. They want information packaged and delivered to them in engaging ways, with fascinating revelations and unexpected twists. They want to be surprised. Calysto specializes in telling great stories. Your stories. In addition to the PR services for telecom and mobile companies that this agency is known for, we provide a full range of content and social media services. We teach companies how to be their own publisher. This new CCO blog is a part of that effort.

Who should read CCO:

It’s more important than ever for your organization to have not only a highly compelling story to tell, but also a unique way of packaging it and a targeted way to deliver it. You must become adept at being your own publisher, leveraging the web and social media outlets (as well as PR) to effectively deliver that content to the right audience at the right time. CCO is a great resource for any executive within the communications technology industry with the goal of raising awareness for your company through content marketing.

Where to find CCO:

Check out the CCO blog at

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