Selling before Christmas - there's still time!

If you have considered putting your home on the market but are worried it may be too late in the year, you’ll be happy to know that there is still time but you’ll need to have all your ducks in row. As we approach the festive season, time is of the essence so ensuring you are organised and armed with the right expert advice is crucial.

Peard Group’s CEO, Peter Peard, shares his top tips to ensure your end of year sale is a speedy one.

Choose the right agent

Don’t underestimate the importance of a good agent. Local area knowledge and resources will be imperative when it comes to attracting the right buyers to your property. A good agent will understand the current market, your local area, what buyers are looking for and will be able to tailor a marketing strategy that’s right for you and your property goals.

Be realistic about pricing

Perth has plenty of listings at the moment, giving buyers an abundance of choice. Over ambitious pricing could put potential buyers off and leave your home sitting on the market for weeks, even months and once that happens, it’s very difficult to come back from it. You’ve seen that house in your neighbourhood before, right? The one sporting a shiny ‘for sale’ sign for as long as you can remember? Almost always, the issue there is incorrect pricing.

Being realistic is imperative. Don’t view it as undervaluing your home- a competitive price can lead to some healthy competition amongst buyers creating immediate attention to your property, and in many cases, can result in a sale price much higher than the asking.

Ensure your home is in tip top shape

First impressions are everything and little touch-ups can go a long way when selling, particularly in a competitive market. Most obviously, ensure there are no major structural defects to the property such as roof or flooring issues- these will need to be fixed prior to listing the property. Simple wear and tear can be spruced up fairly easily and with little expense. A fresh lick of paint and a few new fixtures can work wonders.

Another useful tip is to de-clutter the house and create an illusion of more space. Be sure to open up blinds and curtains at home opens to allow for plenty of natural light and ensure all globes are bright and in working order.

Lastly, don’t neglect the exterior! Give you garden and front lawn plenty of love, remembering that the “curb appeal” of your home is essential. In a competitive market, don’t give potential buyers any reason to walk away!


Make sure you include a fittings and fixtures list and details of anything you are not including in the sale. If you have carried out out works on the property, you will need to have all of the relevant planning and building certificates and any guarantees on windows, electric doors etc… Failure to provide all important details such as the above will only delay the selling process, so be organised.

Patience is essential

You might be surprised to learn that November / December can be a good time to sell as buyers searching at this time of year are typically more serious about finding their property. Often, they are keen to be in their new home by Christmas, and this sense of urgency can be just what your sale needs.

While home open numbers tend to be lower in the weeks leading up to Christmas, the buyers who do attend, will typically be more genuine. You’ve heard the saying “quality over quantity”, right?

Appoint a reliable settlement agent

Conveyancing is a complex and time consuming business with many traps for the unwary. Property experts estimate that up to 10% of sales experience a problem that delays or even stops a settlement from going through. To ensure this doesn’t happen with your settlement, choosing a trusted brand and a knowledgeable conveyancer will be imperative. The conveyancer will perform a meticulous research on titles and records ensuring all areas are covered by looking out for dubious contracts or title deeds all while making the whole process a lot smoother and stress free by offering expert advice. Learn more at

Plan Ahead

It’s also import to be aware of closing times around Christmas to ensure no settlement delays. Typically, five weeks is enough time to allow between the contract of sale and the settlement date, but with several public holidays creeping up, delays in building inspections and termite clearances are a reality, particularly if workers are on leave.

Quick sales often mean exchange of contracts in the same week or even the same day. Be prepared and book a removalist well in advance to avoid disappointment.

Targeting your buyers

A good agent will consult with you about your target market, ensuring they put in place a suitable and personalised marketing plan. If you are attracting interest from young families for example, the agent may suggest that worthwhile step could be turning a study into a kid’s bedroom or nursery so the family can see the value of the space. A knowledgeable agent will be able to suggest the best strategies and techniques to achieve your property goals.

Be flexible

An accommodating vendor, who allows for viewings at irregular hours for example, after work or Sunday afternoons may have a better result. The end of the year can be a busy time for most, so there is a good chance home open times may not suit many buyers.