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USA - FLAC files are generally used when people require to compress audio files but without any deterioration in the quality. For this .flac files are generally created since FLAC actually means Free Lossless Audio Codec. Hence, unlike the other popular formats like MP3 and WMA, there is no audio loss with this format. But the main drawback with .flac files is that these are not supported on the popular media player. Hence, to play these audio files people either need a .flac audio player or a flac to mp3 converter.

There is a website that provides the flac to mp3 converter , free of cost. Users just have to visit the website and there a download link will be provided. Clicking on the link downloads the converter onto one’s computer from where it can be easily installed. For this users don’t have to pay either for the software or to click on the link or subscribe to the website. The website doesn’t even ask the users to register.

This free flac to mp3 software has a lot of interesting features: firstly, it is easy to download and use. Secondly, the rate of conversion is very fast. Hence, not much time is taken to convert FLAC files to MP3 format. The drag and drop feature is also available and hence users can just drag and drop the files that required to be converted onto the converter window. To save time users can also opt for batch conversions; batch conversions means users can select multiple files and click on the ‘start conversion’ and all the files, one after the other, are converted to MP3 format and then are saved to a pre-selected destination.

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The website provides the free FLAC to MP3 converter which is easy to understand and use, has a user friendly interface and hence can be used by everybody.

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