NESTA Starts new Fitness Training Program “Muay Thai Fitness”

Muay Thai is the national sport of Thailand, and one of the most effective stand up fighting systems in the world. Muay Thai Fitness is not your typical Cardio Kick Boxing Class or dance Martial Arts workout.

NESTA has come up with new fitness program called Muay Thai Fitness.Muay Thai Fitness can be used as a one-on-one class a small group workout or in a large group format. It is a comprehensive web based video training program designed by the experts of the industry.

This kickboxing program is considered to be great for personal trainers. People who are looking for developing career, as a martial art instructor, can also be benefited by this fitness program. Gym owners can also be facilitated with the new certification program. After completing the certification course, people can train this uniquely developed kick boxing program for larger groups as well.

This program is totally equipped with 13 separate online training videos, online MCQ exams and sample work outs. The successful completions of the course entitle the individual as a “Muay Thai Fitness Coach”

This course would include history of Muay Thai and Muay Thai fitness, different coaching techniques, basics and fundamentals, small group structures, one on one group structures, large group formats, equipment options, complete PPT details of every single technique and many more.


Dr. John Spencer Ellis

NESTA Fitness School

Muay Thai Fitness Certification

Address: Rancho Santa Margarita, CA