Gardening Is Good For Your Health Says Grand Prairie Sprinkler Repair

Grand Prairie Sprinkler Repair want people to understand that gardening is not just a way to make the garden look great, it is also very important for your health.

Have you heard the saying that Gardening is good for your body and soul? The saying is true and more and more doctors as well as health experts are recommending Gardening to their patients as a way to become healthy. Gardening and your garden can help your health on so many different levels.

So Why is Gardening Good for You?

With obesity being a serious issue where headlines have revealed how people who are overweight are at risk of serious health problems, heath experts are advising people to lose weight and exercise. One great for of exercise is gardening, which can help with physical fitness. It is not just physical fitness that gardening can help with. Recent studies have shown that gardening or your garden can help with mental health through relaxation.

Gardening is great for your Body

Health experts as well as gardening experts have said gardening is great for stress relief, exercise, brain health, healing, immunity as well as nutrition, making your garden into an all in one health and fitness gym.

Exercise – Doing gardening activities can help with your physical fitness. Instead of being idle, by doing simple tasks in your garden it can be a huge benefit to your weight and fitness, giving you more energy.

Stress relief – Gardening is a great way to reduce stress levels. Studies have found that by spending more time in your garden it can help relieve stress and is actually the best leisure activity to bring down your stress levels.

Brain health – Research has found people in their 60s and 70s who have been gardening for up to 16 years on a regular basis were 36% lower risk of dementia than people who did not spend time in their gardens.

Healing – A study by Roger S. Ulrich which was published on the 27th April 1984 found evidence that patients who were recovering from gall bladder surgery who had a view of a garden and trees spent less time in hospital for recovery and had few complaints than those who did not have a view of a garden or trees.

There are many reasons why your garden is good for your body and soul and this is why more health experts and alternative health experts are now recommending to people they should spend more time in their good to improve their health.

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