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Reports and intelligence includes a report titled “In Vitro Diagnostics Market (Techniques, Product Type, Usability, Applications, End-Users, Geography) - Industry Analysis, Trends, Share, Opportunities and Forecast, 2013 – 2020."

The report analyzed the global In Vitro Diagnostics market reach $74.46 billion by 2020. North America has the highest stake in the overall IVD market and would attain a market size of $30.1 billion by 2020 with a CAGR of 4.02% during 2014-2020. However, Asia-Pacific is expected to grow fastest registering a CAGR of 7.49% during the estimated period.

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Increase in health awareness, rising per capita income, demand of efficient and effective health care equipment, rising cases of diseases are the factors that fuel the growth of global IVD market. However, stringent government policies and weak reimbursement policies would impede the market growth.

The report assesses numerous segment of the IVD market such as techniques, usability, product, applications, geography and end-user. With a share of 31% in the overall market, Point of care technique is most popular amongst physicians, doctors and clinicians. Usability market is sub-segmented into re-usable and disposable devices. Re-usable devices are leading within usability market due to cost effectiveness and reusability.

In terms of the product market, instruments, data management software, services and reagents are the major segments in the IVD product market. Instruments segment would be the maximum revenue generating segment by 2020.

The application market of the IVD is segmented into infectious disease, diabetes, cancer, cardiology, autoimmune diseases, nephrology, drug testing, and HIV/AIDS. Infectious disease segment is the most attractive segment in the application market.

Hospitals, laboratories, academics, point of care testing are the main end use segments assessed by the report.

The report provides detailed information on the key market players and their market strategies.

Top profiled companies are:

Ø  Abbot Laboratories

Ø  Roche Diagnostics

Ø  Siemens

Ø  Johnson & Johnson

Ø  Alere Inc

Ø  Arkray Inc

Ø  Bayer AG

Ø  Becton Dickinson & Company

Ø  Biomerieux

Ø  Dahaner Corporation

Ø  Sysmex Corp

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