Increase in Oil Extraction Activities to Boost the Well Intervention Services & Tools Market

The total amount of hydrocarbon resources distributed throughout the Earth’s crust is unknown. The need for energy is forcing the oil operators to opt for new exploration and production activities; and therefore the need to invest in proved reserves of oil is rising.

Re-perforation is creating new perforations in the oil well tubing just opposite to the oil-bearing reservoir zones and opportunity for fluid to drain from the formation into the wellbore. This is done to create more opportunities to increase the drainage from the pay-zone to the wellbore. Re-perforation of a well is one of the most advantageous and inexpensive operations that can be done virtually at any point in a well’s life. The productivity of the perforated wells is controlled by several perforating parameters such as perforation length, perforation diameter, degree of the damage around the perforation tunnels, shot density, and perforation phasing angle. With the use of non-damaging completion fluid, some degree of formation and perforations damages are induced during well killing and completion operations. Reduction of well productivity post completion is the main focus.

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Tubing and Packer Failure & Repair Market: 
Tubing & packer failure and repair services are usually completed during the producing situation of well. When a well is in constant producing state, there are huge probabilities of scale deposition. At times, tubing and packers get washed off due to the high sand interruption from the well. These types of tribulations increase the requirement of removal and repair of the apparatus. The existing market of these techniques is rising in the areas of subsea, wherever the sand is loosely packed and there is a high probability of tubing wash offs. The increasing trend in the tubing & packer failure and repair services market is set to continue further with the current surge in oil discovery and unconventional resources exploratory activities.

Logging Tools Market: 
Logging tools are the equipments used to make available the logging data. This data can be taken during various processes such as production, completion and others. There are many setup combines such as real-time fiber-optic telemetry with current developed wireline production logging tools, because of which high-quality production logging data is available during intervention, which is most important because it explains current situation of the well. To reduce the time spent, to evaluate pay zones and increase productive drilling rates, logging tools are used. The market for logging tools is increasing in areas where well intervention market is increasing. The highest growth rate of this market is in the regions where number of wells is highest.

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