Zenith: Offering An Extensive Range Of Instruments For Various Fields

Could This Company Be The All-In-One Shop For Your Calibration Equipment Needs?

Some scientists say that the world wouldn’t exist without numbers and calculations, but that’s yet to be proven a fact. But one thing we know is that numbers are important in our daily lives and we encounter them on a daily basis regardless of profession or status. Most importantly scientists use numbers to predict future occurrences such as the weather forecast, the next lunar eclipse, or the deterioration rate of the ozone layer. All in all, numbers play an important part in our lives, and because of that there is a great need for the right equipment in order to obtain accurate results.

Even in school when conducting chemistry or biology experiments, we had to apply certain tools and equipment to get precise data.  In hospitals, weather stations, industries, laboratories, garages and so many other places, good calibration equipment is essential. Although products differ depending on the manufacturer, the calibration process usually involves using instruments to test one or several sample values known as calibrators. Zenith Company is your one-stop-shop for all your calibration equipment needs. They supply comprehensive calibration services for a variety of instruments in different fields such as engineering, manufacturing, mining, petro-chemical, medical, pharmaceuticals, laboratories, avionics, warehouses, food production, and more.

Zenith’s calibration services include pressure, electronics and electrical, RH & temperature, loadcells & scales and dimensional. Some of the measurement products they offer are manometers, rot meters and laboratory products. They provide calibration products including temperature calibrators, pressure calibrators, black body calibrators, dead weight testers, hand pumps and signal calibrators.

Zenith is a Test and Measurement Instruments’ authorized distributor of the highly recognized brands Micro Process Controls and Nagman Instruments. They support the industry with their premium quality calibrators that come with Free ISO/IEC 17025:2005Calibration Certificates equal to NATA. They supply top-quality temperature gauges, pressure gauges and extras at competitive prices. All of their products come with FTCR (Free Traceable Calibration Reports).

They have a highly skilled team comprising sales engineers and industry-trained calibration experts offering their services throughout Australia.  Some of their other benefits include on-site calibration experts, fast turnaround time, premium products and services, high-quality customer service, free calibration record management service, cost-effective instruments and calibration service and a loyalty discount on every type of re-calibration work.

Zenith reminds us that the products may differ from one manufacturer to another, so it is important to follow the manufacturer’s performance specifications when conducting the calibration process in order to obtain accurate readings. You can get the best quality measurement and calibration products only from Zenith.

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