Plant Nursery Orlando Company Introduces New Landscape Design and Installation Services

Florida – March 27, 2014. Royal Landscape Nursery, a plant nursery Orlando company now offers a full range of landscape and paving services to Orlando, Florida residents. This company is able to provide a comprehensive service package from the design of the landscape to its full installation.

Their nursery stock is full of every type of vegetation, sod Orlando ground covers and all the garden supply that any one will need. With all their plants and garden needs in one roof, the homeowners in Orlando, Florida will no longer find it difficult to search for the right type of plants that they need to beautify their lawns. They also have the best pavers Orlando is offering.

It will now be easy for a homeowner in this area to transform his outdoor living space into a masterful work of art. This plant nursery Orlando group has a well-educated and well-trained staff that is very eager to assist every homeowner in choosing the right plants that will be perfect for his lawn.

In addition, this plant nursery Orlando team has all kinds of decorative plants available in their nursery. Their plants include annuals, sod Orlando ground covers, palm trees, rocks and so forth.  Together with the most beautiful pavers Orlando is offering, a homeowner will really transform his lawn into an art masterpiece.

About Royal Landscape Nursery

This company is known for their world-class preservation of commercial and residential landscapes. They have been transforming ordinary looking topography into beautiful Central Florida landmarks since 1994. Their nursery is located at Gotha, Florida, near Orlando, Windemere and Ococee. It houses a large assortment of trees, plants, sod, rock, soil and all types of garden supplies.

Contact Details:

Ruby Wellington

2204 Hempel Avenue

Gotha, FL 34734

Phone: (407) 378 5126

Fax: (407) 293 2913