Candidate Sourcing – Know It, Live It, Love It… No Placement Fees Ever...

I firmly believe that candidate identification is the most critical step in the talent acquisition/recruiting life cycle – you can’t build a relationship with, receive a referral from, network with, or hire someone you haven’t found in the first place.

So whether you’re searching LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Monster, your ATS/CRM, or you’re Googling for candidate leads on the Internet – following and integrating these search best practices into your candidate sourcing routine can dramatically increase your ability to more quickly find more of the right people.

Zero Fee Recruiter would like to give you a helping hand in recruiting the hard to find candidates that you have been spending day and night trying to find.

Sourcing, Contacting, Qualifying and Delivering only INTERESTED CANDIDATES.

ZFR focuses on passive candidates that we source through our proprietary system "Reach Out" and this enables our team to reach the candidates that are not actively looking...

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