The weirdest and wackiest gifts in the world

If you’re looking for thestrangest, wackiest and most eccentric gifts to send someone then GiftPuffin is the site to visit is a small site run by some strange little puffins.The main‘Gift-Puffin’ is called Wolfgang and he is English, he has friends in Wales of Irish descent. Wolfgang does things differently to your average gift site owner and his products are probably the most ridiculous gifts you will ever encounter.

Why the Gift Puffin?

Most presents have a meaning, are a desired item or are pretty useful to the recipient.

Wolfgang has decided that his gifts are to be undesirable, useless and confusing. The creator, Wolfgang, decided that the giving of gifts is to be remembered. Most gifts are forgotten about over time. You are guaranteed never to forget your gift from Wolfgang.

Our gifts are weird.

Our gifts are bizarre.

Our gifts are wacky.

Our gifts are the strangest gifts in the world.

Our gifts are pointless presents that will make them be remembered for ever.

Wacky, Bizarre gifts are intended for anyone, Friends, Parents or your enemies, Christmas presents, Birthday presents or simple Monday or Thursday presents.

We pride ourselves on random pointless items that will never be forgotten when given as presents. The recipient will always have a party piece to talk about and will always remember the person that gifted them with one of Wolfgang’s unique weird, bizarre presents.

The whole point of our gifts is that there is no point.

Our personal favourite is the party rake a rake that is designed to be carried to every party that you go to: Christmas parties, birthday parties, Grandads 80th party even a Bar Mitzvah. The rake has to be taken everywhere with the party goer. It’s the ‘must have’ accessory for every fashion conscious party animal.

No need for fancy dress or a shiny new outfit, carry the rake and you will definitely get noticed (or sectioned/banned/laughed at)


Just because you can, and you should!!

Another great present is our sponsor a pigeon. This aims to help the starving sky rat population of the UK whereby our sponsors help financially and Wolfgang goes to work donating some breadcrumbs to these pesky rascals. Hopefully once fed by Wolfgang and our team, the street hawker population won’t see fit to drop their little bombs on human inhabitants.

We don’t want to leave the ground dwelling rats out of Wolgangs generosity, so if you sponsor a rat, Wolfgang will be sure to provide some sustenance to the 10 million or so rodents that are never more than 5 metres away from you. We have ‘Rat Agents’ in every city of the World, but our favourites are in Bangkok and New York, where the rats are a bit like the population…sassy, sexy and downright dirty!

Our gifts are dedicated to the more adventurous or a particularly strange genre of present givers. We love Puffins and would never eat one; however we are also conscious that the Evil Teddy Bears are actively campaigning to destroy the Puffin Population of the World. We have therefore enlisted the services of the great plastic army and fully support their campaign of beheading Teddy Bear and his friends.

Why not help support the cause? Obtain a memorable present and do your part in combating ‘Global Teddyism’.

Check out our Ted Heads, guaranteed to raise a smile and it is for a good cause too!

(The site owner is a supporter of the bears, however he has long hair and the password to the site so I cannot change it to ‘down with the bears, stuff the animals’)

Help support the downfall of Global Teddyism, support Wolfgang and the plastic army get your Ted Heads now.

For those Mum and Dad, Grandma and Grandpa presents, you know the really hard to choose ones we have a solution also. Our sexist male and female tubs are sure to please even the most sour- faced of parents and relatives. Check them out, everything they ever needed or wanted (but were afraid to ask for).

This short review was designed to bring our readers to their senses and opt out of the normal, traditional presents that are given and received each year. Do something different. Buy your loved ones an indoor tree, one that takes up the whole front room.

Want to buy a present for the kids? Then get them a magnetic prince or even a bootlace starfish (obviously to wear on one’s head!).

Someone you don’t like? Then our pre - packaged 7 years of bad luck mirror will help send the message.

Poor old Wolfgang flew into this when he saw his reflection, thinking it was his rival Amadeus; he broke his beak when he crashed into it. He’s had no luck ever since and now talks with a strong West Country accent. You wouldn’t have thought he was actually born in Windsor. Wolfgang is selling the mirror as he needs to raise cash for his beakeyoptomy.

We hope you have enjoyed our short introduction into Puffinism (otherwise known as utter madness)

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Wolfgang will be very grateful.