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The majority of users want to see more on-the-go packs of savoury biscuits and crackers. Offering snack packs containing one or two servings and placing them next to other on-the-go snacks such as cereal or chocolate bars near supermarket tills should forge associations with on-the-go occasions.

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Table of Content Introduction
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Executive Summary
The market Figure 1: Total retail value sales of biscuits, by segment, 2011-13 The future Figure 2: Total UK retail value sales of sweet and savoury biscuits, cereal bars and breakfast biscuits, 2008-18 Market factors Demographic changes represent both opportunities and threats to the biscuits market Pressure from input costs eased in late 2013 Biscuit manufacturers reduce salt and saturated fat contents but not sugar contents Consumers’ relaxed approach to their diets bodes well for biscuits Companies, brands and innovation United Biscuits dominates the market Sweet biscuits regained share of total new launches in 2013 Advertising spend increases in 2013 The consumer Sweet biscuits are Brits’ favourites Figure 3: Usage of sweet and savoury biscuits/crackers, cereal bars and breakfast biscuits, December 2013

Texture, smaller packs and variety are key themes in sweet biscuits Figure 4: Attitudes towards sweet biscuits, cereal bars and breakfast biscuits, December 2013 Health considerations dominate when it comes to savoury biscuits/crackers Figure 5: Interest in selected product attributes of savoury biscuits and crackers, December 2013 Snacking occasion still offers untapped opportunities for savoury biscuits/crackers Figure 6: Users’ attitudes towards savoury biscuits and crackers, December 2013 What we think

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