Intradiem Examines Customer Experience Impact of Pressures on Property and Casualty Industry

ATLANTA – April 9, 2014 – Intradiem, the leading provider of intraday management solutions, issues a review of the upcoming top customer experience challenges of the insurance services industry. Property and casualty contact center leaders that can overcome these challenges will achieve balance in priorities like customer experience and profitability as they drive intraday management improvements within their organizations.

Three key challenges insurance contact leaders will have to respond to include:

  1. Delivering personalized service in an increasingly consumer-focused, self-service market. Consumers today have more access to information with websites offering self-service options, online quotes and in-depth comparisons of competing providers. Therefore, customers have more control of the buying and decision-making process. When consumers need to speak to someone live, agents must be equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to handle more complicated inquiries. To stand out from the competition, agents must consistently deliver exceptional and personalized service during each interaction.
  2. Meeting demand for customer support via multiple channels. New technologies such as mobile, self-service web portals, chat and social media have given customers more options when it comes to choosing how they communicate with companies. These new channels must be supported with the right numbers of skilled resources and the delivery must be consistent across all channels. Additionally, pressures increase for agents to cross-sell and up-sell customers with additional products and services, leading to an increase in handle time which can negatively impact service levels. Having the ability to dynamically scale operations and manage channels to meet fluctuating customer demand is essential for positively impacting the customer experience.
  3. Balancing regulatory compliance and the customer experience. As regulatory compliance continues to become more complex, agents must be trained on new policies, changes and requirements in order to effectively handle customer inquiries and claims, and provide them with the most up-to-date information. This training must be ongoing and include alerts and re-certification for agents to ensure they have the information they need to deal with complex customer inquiries while remaining in compliance.

“Contact centers play a critical role in defining competitive advantage among insurance providers,” said Matt McConnell, Intradiem CEO. “By dynamically responding to these market conditions and keeping agents up to speed within time constraints, contact centers can improve customer satisfaction while meeting regulatory obligations. Leveraging intraday management to balance customer experience and operational efficiencies can be a game-changer for contact center leaders within the insurance industry.”

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