Loan in cash announces a newly updated interest rate on urgent loans, those are really good for consumers

Jan 23, 2014

Birmingham, United Kingdom: In today’s time people are very habitual to take loans just because of the necessities of daily life. They took loans from various online lenders and get some specific loan amount at a particular interest rate. Loan in Cash also provides different types of loans among which urgent loan is mostly acquired loans. They also have the interest rate higher than many other online lenders and just because of this fact, team of Loan in cash decides to change the interest rates.

They have noticed that lots of people visit their website and after inspecting the interest rates they leave from their websites. This will increase the bounce rate of the company and purely decrease the business of the company. Even companies’ lots of consumers did not able to reimburse the loan amount, quantity per month at ease. This will increase their bad credit history. Due to this fact Mr. Jonathan Wells, director of the company decided to change their interest rate so that will helpful to previous consumers and new customers as well.

He had a meeting on this fact with the company panel and then decides to change their interest rate on an urgent loan at a decrement of 7%. Now you can easily avail the loan amount that will not disturb your monthly expenses. After announcing the decrement in loan rate Mr. Jonathan Wells observed that the numbers are increasing instantly within one day.

Actually, he analyzed this fact from a long research of the urgent loan market and got the conclusion about the decrement numbers of customers. Hopefully they will get the maximum profit after this change.

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About the Company: This company has been working since last two years in the loan industry and having a large number of satisfied customers. It provides various types of loans which include urgent loan, home loan, secure loan, unsecured loan, and many more.

Jack Frost  

(PR Manager)