North Mountain Dermatology Helps Patients Recognize Skin Cancer

Phoenix, Arizona, December 22, 2013: North Mountain Dermatology is pleased to announce they take great pride in helping their patients recognize skin cancer in its early stages. With the time individuals often spend in the Arizona sun, the chances of developing skin cancer are increased.
North Mountain Dermatology stresses the importance of completing self-checks on a regular basis to identify any unusual changes to the skin. While there are many changes that can take place with the skin that are not skin cancer and will not develop into the disease, it is always best to have any abnormalities inspected by an experienced dermatologist. To ensure that patients know what types of changes to look for, the dermatologists at North Mountain Dermatology have put together a self-exam instruction page that will show individuals how they should check and what they should look for.

This page on their website also addresses some of the common myths about sun exposure and skin cancer. This educational tool is meant to provide patients with the tools they need to identify issues before they become more serious.

If individuals do identify any changes to their skin, North Mountain Dermatology encourages them to make an appointment right away.

Anyone who would like more information on skin cancer self-exams and when to get help can learn more by visiting the North Mountain Dermatology website or by calling 1-602-944-4628.

About North Mountain Dermatology: North Mountain Dermatology is a full-service dermatologist that helps patients with all types of skin conditions. Their experienced doctors and staff can help patients identify problems and prescribe and carry out treatment plans that are likely to provide individuals with the relief they need. Their doctors are dedicated to providing the highest level of patient care to ensure every patient gets the attention they need before their condition turns into a more serious condition.

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