The Art of a River Cruise from Paris to Normandy

Northern France is an enchanting place to explore to get your fill of art, culture and natural beauty. Paris is said to be one of the world’s most artistic and beautiful cities, but that’s not the only city on the Seine worth noting for its art. With a European river cruise, you can travel down the Seine out of Paris and to stunning Normandy beaches while stopping for art excursions along the way.

Throughout your visit to Paris you will be able to experience the rich culture of France through art, architecture and scenery. Simply walking along the Seine river during sunset or early evening is one of the most romantic experiences. It is breathtaking to see the lights shimmering off the water as Paris is an art exhibit in and of itself.

Visiting the Louvre is a must while river cruising to or from Paris. If you only have a bit of time to enjoy the museum then make sure to have a look at the top two pieces there: The Mona Lisa and The Venus de Milo. These can be accessed in a short amount of time at the Carrousel du Louvre instead of taking part in the busy main entrance section of the Louvre.

Notre-Dame is an iconic structure in Paris and is worth visiting as well. Aside from the popular options for sightseeing, Paris also has some great side trip locations such as the Versailles and Chartres Cathedral, which are both outside of the city. If you’ve started the river cruise in Paris, you can board your ship and start to relax as the Seine takes you through some of France’s best countryside. Bayeux is an interesting place to visit since it is rich in history, which is depicted through their tapestry.

Along the way to Normandy you can visit the town Auvers-sur-Oise, where Van Gogh spent the last few months of his life. Giverny is another enjoyable destination for art fanatics and is where Monet’s Garden is featured. The D-Day memorial sites will fascinate those who enjoy history. Rouen is a famous destination and is the place where Joan of Arc was martyred. At Rouen you can choose to enjoy the beaches of Normandy or to take part in the “Taste of Normandy” tour. There are also guided tours available that take you to a cathedral and to the Gros Horloge astronomical clock. Other popular spots include the Chateau Gaillard and the Parish Church of Le Grand Andelys.

France River Cruises can provide you with a unique and interesting way to explore the area. The cruises often come with an extensive itinerary that offers choices for certain destinations along the way. During your time on the cruise there are often many activities to take part in as well, such as demonstrations and lectures.