New Mixtape “SWAG Of A FeMc” By Scandalous Released For Free On Her Site

California, 27 May 2014 - There are a lot of different music artists that one can find and this is why it is hard to steal the top stage. The competition level is extremely intense and despite all odds, Scandalous, a Chicago based FeMc is making it big in the field. Her stunning signing ability along with the type of command that she has on stage and the power she exudes makes her one of the big names in Chicago. Recently, her new mixtape titled SWAG of a FeMc has been released and it is likely to create a big sensation.


Scandalous got her name through her rough music which has managed to land an impact on one and all. The type of swag she shows and the kind of roughness and rawness that one can find makes her one of those artist who manages to capture the hearts of the audience.


She is not shy in bringing her A game on the table and thus her fan following is immense. Those who enjoy listening to her songs can catch up with SWAG of a FeMc on her site which is currently available for free. Those who have heard her before would already be aware of the kind of bars and power punches she is known to ooze. Those who are yet to hear the beauty of her powerful sound and the incredible music should make it a point to head to her site and enjoy track after track which is likely to stay stuck in the minds of one and all.


There are a lot of fans who just love the kind of sex appeal that Scandalous oozes. And then there are those fans that feel she will content with any top artist in the game male or female. To know more about her or to listen to her songs, view her video's professional pics and up coming shows one can visit and get the details. No doubt, she is one of the artists who is sure to steal the big stage.


About Scandalous:


Born and brought up in the harsh windy streets of Chicago, Scandalous is an up and coming artist who is known for her creative concepts and real raw lyrics. She is all set to release a new mixtape and it is currently listed for free at her site.


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