Tim Davies Landscaping Gives Alfresco Areas a Modern Touch

Tim Davies Landscaping, an award-winning landscape design company in Western Australia, modernises the way it creates alfresco areas. The company drifts away from the usual notion of a barbecue in an outdoor setting and revolutionises this design.

[Perth, May 7, 2014] – Tim Davies Landscaping, one of Perth’s respected leaders in landscaping, offers alfresco area designs with a modern touch. Clients can now enjoy better, more unique designs coming from the company with its new take on the outdoor setting.

To add some modernness to these areas, Tim Davies Landscaping focuses on five core aspects of an alfresco setting. The company understands the correlation of these five aspects and how these combine together to create the overall appeal of an area.

Cooking area
For Tim Davies Landscaping, the modern cooking area goes beyond the usual barbecue. The company now includes different options for cooking surfaces like outdoor

pizza ovens. They are also capable of equipping a full outdoor kitchen.
Tim Davies Landscaping beefs up its service line by bolstering its flooring options, including tile, cobblestone, brick, patterned concrete, and paving.

The weather condition is also a key element in designing an alfresco area, according to Tim Davies Landscaping. The company offers different options to its clients when it comes to shade, such as flyscreens and blinds, as well as roofing solutions such as pergolas and awnings.

Chaise lounge, hammocks, day beds, and seating benches are all part of the company’s options when it comes to furniture.

Tim Davies Landscaping considers its focus on heating and cooling solutions for alfresco areas as an asset. With this feature, the company provides just the right temperature for the area, be it in nippy winters or during sweltering summers.

Tim Davies Landscaping shows complete understanding of what it does by combining all these elements together harmoniously. Through sleek design and functional layouts, the company adds a modern twist to the traditional idea of an alfresco setting.

About Tim Davies Landscaping
Tim Davies Landscaping has been the leader in its industry for over 30 years now. Learning from all the lessons in the past three decades, the company continues to innovate its services to provide nothing but the best set of services possible to its clientele. Many award-giving bodies have recognised the efforts of the company and have given it multiple distinctions for its excellent work and vision.

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