Tips and trends for managing your property rentals

Are you thinking of getting your property rented? Here are some of the things that you can do to make your property renting easier for you. There are many kinds of short let property management software out there, but these tips would help you even if you already had the software!

1. Find out if you're really cut out for this business. You have to find out if you have the right personality to rent property out to other people, especially if you have multiple properties. You should be a stern and capable landlord, but not one everybody is just sick and tired of. You shouldn't really impose on your tenants, or be rude to them, but you need to be able to make a stand if they haven't been paying their rent too regularly.

2. You should read up about the rental laws. If you know enough about the rental laws, you will know what to do if a tenant wants to vacate the house without providing sufficient notice, you will be able to handle the situation if the tenant has damaged some of your property, etc. If you know the rental laws, you will know what laws protect you, as the owner of the house, which will be highly beneficial for you.

3. Tenant screening: To save yourself a lot of trouble later on, just conduct a small screening process for the people who have expressed interest in being your tenant. Just make sure that you get in touch with them, meet them in person, ask them some relevant questions without sounding too obtrusive, and make sure that both your personalities gel. You might not be living with them, but you are going to have to be in contact with them- at least once in a month!

The biggest trend in property management: software and apps

Did you know there were a lot of short let property management software programmes? Not all of them are efficient, but they are certainly effective. With the help of property management software, you will be able to:

1. Keep track of your tenants.

2. Keep track of the rent paid, the cheque numbers or the deposit details.

3. Details of all transactions with the tenants can be stored for future reference.

These are just the basic tasks the software can perform- you can get add on packs to get more features, if you feel like letting the short let management software handle all the landlord work for you!