How to Safely Order Medications Online

More and more people are now embracing the idea of buying medications online. Whether you need a prescription drug like Cialis or a non-prescription drug like codeine, you can place your order right from the comfort of your home or office and have it delivered within one or two days. While this might sound straightforward, it's sometimes not so easy for first timers.

This post briefly explains the steps involved in buying medications online.

1. Find a licensed and legitimate online pharmacy

Online pharmacies abound on the Internet. But many of them are illegitimate websites that are only out to steal money from unsuspecting customers. Worse, some even sell untested and fake drugs. So, you need to be very careful when choosing an online pharmacy to buy your medications from.

There are some indicators to look out for in a good online pharmacy. First, there must be a licensed pharmacist available to answer your questions. Second, the site must require prescription from your doctor before selling drugs to you. If a site sells you drugs without verifying whether they were prescribed or not, chances are such a site is more concerned about getting your money. In addition, you should also check if the website is certified by relevant authorities—these vary from country to country.

2. Check if the drug you need is available

After finding a reputable online pharmacy, visit their website and check their list of drugs to see if they have the medication you're looking to buy. If they have it, carefully look at important details such as dose. You sure don't want to buy a 20-tablet pack when you don't need more than 7 tablets.

Bear in mind that different drugs can have very close names. So, be sure to double-check that the name of the drug offered by the online pharmacy perfectly matches what your doctor prescribed. And if you're in doubt, contact the licensed pharmacist available online at the time or get a call through to your doctor.

3. Place your order

Once you're double sure that you've found the exact medication you want to buy, proceed to place your order. Most reputable online pharmacies will require that you fill a questionnaire. You'll have to answer questions regarding your last visit to your doctor, the medical condition you're looking to treat, associated symptoms, and drug reactions. Your answers to these questions will help the pharmacy decide whether to sell the drug to you or not.

After filling the medical questionnaire, most online pharmacies will request that you also fill a legal questionnaire, which contains questions regarding your age, understanding of the potential side effects of the medication you want to buy, and other questions of legal importance. With this questionnaire filled, you can then enter your delivery address and complete the order process.

4. Receive your medication

Most online pharmacies deliver within 24 hours or latest by the second day. So, you'll most likely get your medication delivered within this period. Once you receive your order, open it immediately to confirm the name, dose, and quantity of the drug.

In addition, check the expiry date. If you have any issues with the delivered package, send it back to the online pharmacy. Virtually all reputable pharmacies would readily send you a replacement or refund your money.