Mr. Malibu Presents Key to Your Secret Power in New Book

Malibu, California - Mr. Malibu presents a key to your secret power by programming your DNA with live affirmations included in his new book. He wrote his autobiography after thousands of requests and shares his brightest and darkest secrets. Growing up in the world famous Malibu Colony, a paradise location full of people with extreme wealth and fame, he also miraculously broke free from the deadly disease of alcoholism which most people are not aware kills three out of four alcoholics.

Though extraordinarily blessed with an unusually creative imagination and advanced learning capability, his childhood of bliss in surfing, sand, and sun ultimately collapsed under crushing feelings of being “less than” most of his much wealthier friends. He experienced a major realization that transformed the course of his life and that of many others.  He saw that extreme wealth and fame without a connection to a higher purpose to help others were ethereal, hollow gods that destroyed many lives around him. 

Searching for a deeper meaning in life, he discovered the power of meditation and built a life of profound inspiration and wisdom.  Not knowing his susceptibility to the disease of alcoholism, he was blindsided and experienced being in the jaws of pending death.  Soon after a miraculous recovery his friend gave him a book of affirmations that sold over 50 million copies.  Inspired by the possibility that those affirmations along with meditation could cease negative thinking and create a successful life, he memorized ten pages verbatim and spoke them out loud every day for eleven years.
Recently when he set out to rewrite those condensed ten pages he suddenly realized why they did not have the intended impact.  They did not contain proper commands to the subconscious mind.  He then completely transformed them into another dimension and included them in his new book.  They are titled: "What I Do Today"  US Copyright © 2014 

With a passion for peace and experiencing a higher power in life, he wanted to do something about the overwhelming culture of violence in media.  He realized his powerful new affirmations for peace and prosperity also serve as a dynamic tool to introduce to children around the world who are being bombarded by the widespread culture of violence.  The affirmations offer a proactive plan of action to transform this misguided culture into one of peace.
After over a hundred years of an entertainment industry solely focused on creating a box office or prime time series “hit” - with the phenomenon of “celebrity” being a secondary outflow of these hits, he saw it was a broken paradigm largely due to the frequent senseless graphic violence and often meaningless content.  He had the vision to create Mr. Malibu as a purpose driven celebrity from the outset to inspire both an internal and external cleaner environment.  With this focus, he now engages celebrities and popular figures in conversations and entertainment that lead to positive changes across the globe.