Research Delivers Insight into the Global Intermodal Freight Transportation Market 2015-2019

Global Intermodal Freight Transportation Market 2015-2019 is a new market research publication announced by Reportstack. Intermodals use different modes of transport to move products from one place to another. Initially, freight relied on rail, road, plane, and ships, but now it involves transporting merchandise via a combination of these. Companies are relying more on intermodals for the shipment of automotive parts, consumer goods, and heavy vehicles. Though there are many reasons for the increased use of intermodals, the main reasons are efficiency, low cost, and environmental impact. According to the Intermodal Association of North America, there was a 33% increase in shipping by intermodal rail in 2010 compared to the previous year. Railroad is the most important and common mode of intermodal transport for freight, and approximately 41% of total intermodal freight is transported by this mode. It offers many advantages such as cost-effectiveness, ease of tracking, fewer idle periods, door-to-door delivery, quicker delivery, safety of cargo, and ability to use different routes. Intermodal freight transportation industry is also introducing some major technological advances such as ICT, computerized vehicle routing, active traffic management, and online freight exchange.

The analysts forecast that the global intermodal freight transportation market to grow at a CAGR of 17.40 percent over the period 2014-2019.

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Covered in this report
The global intermodal freight transportation market can be segmented into three based on the type of solutions, type of services, and modes of transport.

The report, Intermodal Freight Transportation Market 2015-2019, has been prepared based on an in-depth market analysis with inputs from industry experts. The report covers North America, Europe, APAC, and ROW; it also covers the global intermodal freight transportation market landscape and its growth prospects in the coming years. The report also includes a discussion of the key vendors operating in this market.

Key regions
• Europe
• North America

Key vendors
• JB Hunt Transport
• Maersk Line
• Schneider National

Other prominent vendors
 • A&R Logistics
• ABF Freight
• APL Logistics
• Atria Logistics
• Brown Integrated Logistics
• CR England
• CN
• Dart Transit
• Evans Distribution Systems
• Florida East Coast Railway
• FLS Transportation System
• Hub Group
• HWC Logistics
• Kenco
• Knight Transportation
• Landstar System
• Lansdale Warehouse
• Lynden
• Marten Transport
• Matson
• Old Dominion Freight Line
• Penske Logistics
• Rinchem Company
• Ruan
• Stevens Transport
• Swift Transportation
• Syfan Logistics
• Transplace
• Wagner Logistics
• Werner Global Logistics

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