Third Annual Loving on Me Day Brings a Message of Self-love and Empowerment

Founded in 2012 by former Susan G. Komen for the Cure CMO Katrina McGhee, Loving on Me seeks to inspire women around the globe with a message of self-love, self-respect and empowerment. Today, Loving on Me is both a robust social media community brimming with expert contributors, followers and supporters and a retailer providing inspiration and raising funds to spread the message and provide support.

On Feb. 13, Loving on Me will challenge every woman in the world to take the first step toward loving herself more as part of international Loving on Me Day. Loving on Me is asking women to post a picture of themselves on social media starting with the affirming statement “I am” followed by the word or phrase that best describes them. The goal is to count one million of these photos on social media. Join us!