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Advertising and marketing is an essential part of every business, whether it is small or big. And equally important is choosing the right mode and medium for advertising. Audience Innovation develops, the best cover wrap advertising solutions for your business. Read on to know more.

Audience Innovation is a marketing consultancy with more than 25 years of experience in this field. It is a private company with its headquarter located in Austin, Texas. It is known for its loyalty, relationship and demand, creating advertising solutions. It specializes in turnkey cover wrap solutions for targeted marketing. Apart from creating new clientele, this mode of promotions also helps a company to hold on to its existing customers, all at once. It offers solutions for both retention and acquisition objectives. Some of the world’s leading companies are their loyal clients.

These advertising wraps have proven to be a fruitful advertising solution for both B2B and B2C target customers. Shedding more light into this topic, the company’s official spokesperson said, “We know that advertising is a vital step to reach the customers. Choosing the correct mode of advertising is also essential. We know what a company needs and our cover advertising solutions will help it to precisely reach out to their target audiences. We are able to do so because we develop precision databases along with rounded up delivery mechanism. We guarantee that the products and services will be delivered to the customers without wasting even a single dollar. Through our solutions we provide 100% reach, 90% awareness and around 80% readership for all of your targeted customers. Our main aim is to keep up to our client’s expectations and supply them with the best possible solutions. Our skilled team of workers, which includes editors, chief editors and design workers enables us to deliver the best custom made projects. We know that our clients have high hopes on us and we aspire to live up to those hopes with our promotional strategies.”

Audience Innovation offers different advertising wraps solutions for big branded companies as well as individual businesses. The company partners with some of the world’s best and most sought after magazine brands. These advertisements reach the targeted customers through point of care delivery systems as well as direct delivery to current and prospective customers.

 “It is a proven fact that a striking cover has the ability to attract a large number of audiences, thus it helps in promoting a company. Persons sitting in the waiting room of a dentist, salon or spa will definitely read one of the magazines lying in front of them. So when one uses these magazines as a carrier of the brand message, it is bound to reach numerous customers. We are partners with some of the leading magazine companies in the world. And our expert employees know exactly which magazine to use for promoting the product so that it can reach the targeted customer. Consequently, they will be grateful because the company has personally reached out to them. Because of this precise delivery manner, the magazine cover wrap marketing has attained so much popularity over time” further added the official spokesperson.

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About Audience innovation

Audience Innovations as a marketing solutions firm creates both cover wrap marketing campaigns and loyalty label marketing. It has been working towards both acquisition and retention objectives for more than 25 years now. It is headed by Paul Kostial and is headquartered in Austin.