No matter how rich or well to do a person is nobody would ever want to pay more than the original for something. Similarly when it comes to buying car insurance no person would want to pay more premium than what it actually is worth the premium. The rate of the premium of an insurance policy depends upon a lot of factors and hence it is important that you understand the basis on which you are being charged. Here are a few factors which drastically affect the rates of the car insurance policies.


It is an obvious fact that the car insurance depends upon the details of car. The make, model, year of manufacturing, year of buying, installed accessories and after products all together contribute in deciding the premium of your car. The kind of car that you drive may be responsible for the frequent need of repairs. All these facts hold a lot of importance in the eyes of the insurance company and they give you the auto insurance quote only after examining these points.

Driving history

How good a driver you are and what your past driving records are play an important role in determining the premiums of your car insurance policy. If you have done accidents in the past or have a bad driving score then your premiums are meant to go high. Other than this, if you have taken some professional driving course then your premium is meant to get low.

Your personal details

Your age and the gender have a lot to do with your driver’s profile. The females and the people older in age are charged less premium for their car insurance policy. It is so because they believe that the people older in age are safe drivers and so are the women. It is believed that they take a lot of precautions and never drive roughly. On the other hand, the young and unmarried males are believed to be harsh drivers and tend to take more risks and are less responsible with their vehicle.

However these are a few factors that determine the premium of the car insurance. It completely depends upon your profile as well as the method of fixing the premium by the insurance company. They have certain set standards which are followed strictly. is the best place you can visit in order to get free quotes before you go and buy car insurance. The mission of this website is only to provide its customers with quickest and easiest access to a wide variety of auto insurance quotes. Our staff works dedicatedly to find the best auto policies on your behalf.

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