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​Insecticides China News 1510 is a new market research publication announced by Reportstack. At present, the Ministry of Agriculture has drawn up a preliminary work plan, to gradually eliminate and ban the use of highly toxic pesticides, high residue pesticides and hypertoxic pesticides. Timetable for the elimination and ban of these pesticides:

Prior to 2019, methyl bromide and endosulfan will be forbidden from usage.
Before, 2018, all registrations of 6 highly toxic pesticides, inclduing aldicarb, carbofuran, phorate, omethoate, isocarbophos and isofenphos-methyl will be revoked; and they will be prohibited from being used before 2020. By end of 2020, all highly toxic pesticides will be eliminated, except pesticides for agricultural necessities.

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The elimination of highly toxic pesticides is a pressure faced by same manufacturers, also is a good opportunity for the most of manufacturers. To develop and research perfect substitutes is an inevitable trend. Pesticide enterprises should speed up the pace of R&D substitutes to seize market share.

The USD/RMB exchange rate in this report is USD1.00=RMB6.3505 on 8 October, 2015, sourced from the People's Bank of China. All the prices mentioned in this report will include the VAT, unless otherwise specified.

Companies Mentioned

CEFC Anhui International Holding Co., Ltd.; Anhui Huaxing Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.; Anhui Linearfull Modern Agricultural Co., Ltd.; Anhui Xingnor Chemical Co., Ltd.; Huapont Life Sciences Co., Ltd.; Beijing Nutrichem Company Limited; Nanjing Redsun Co., Ltd.; Hubei Sanonda Co., Ltd.; ABA Chemicals Corporation; Jiangsu Jiujiujiu Technology Co., Ltd.; Jiangsu Mindleader Crop Science Co., Ltd.

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