Melbourne Marketing Agency note to SMEs – New SEO tactics

 “If you have been doing research around getting found in Google (or search engine optimisation) one of the emerging terms that you may have heard about is link juice” says Jo Macdermott, from Next Marketing Agency in Melbourne.

Jo explains the SEO term ‘Link juice’ and shares her advice for Business Owners who are attempting the overwhelming challenge of search engine optimisation.

Sounds more like a drink not a SEO term.  Confused.  Keep reading.

What is Link Juice?

Link juice is an essential and often overlooked element of search engine optimisation (SEO). Just like the use of keywords, well written content, the right headers and effective meta descriptions can lead to increases in your search engine rankings, so too can paying attention to what other websites your site is linked to.

Getting other websites to link to your site is a process that creates Link Juice.

Why is Link Juice important?

When google is looking at your website, the robots are not only looking at your site content, they are also looking at what sites are linked to your site and whether they are well ranked (liked), and whether they are relevant to yours.

In the offline world, this is hanging out with the right crowd.

Having the right incoming and outgoing links helps google to determine how authoritative and popular your site is, which will help it to position your site according.

This process (of creating relevant incoming and outgoing links) is called Link Juice.

How can link juice give me a marketing edge?

If you were to compare two websites, both with exactly the same keywords and SEO measures in place, chances are they would rank the same on the search engine page results.

If one site then publishes a blog post on a relevant subject, which is subsequently linked to from another site, this site will go up in the search engine rankings while the site with no links will remain the same.

Building link juice could give you the edge your business needs to rise above the competition in the search engine rankings.

How can I improve my link juice?

Although the principle is fairly straightforward, link building is more complicated than it may seem. Links are not all created equal. A link from a low credibility site will bring you fewer benefits than a link from a reputable website, such as Forbes Magazine, which is a well-respected, authoritative site with high traffic of its own.

Trying to build links the wrong way may not only lead to penalisation, it can also result in search engine obscurity, which makes it harder for potential customers or clients to find your website. If your site ranks low on the overall search engine results, you could struggle to find new customers and build your credibility online, which could in turn have an adverse effect on your business bottom line.

“To gain a competitive edge in the busy global online marketplace, you need to utilise all the tools you have available. Link juice is one of the most important weapons any business has in the battle to reach the top of the search engine results page, and stay there” Said Jo Macdermott, Marketing Consultant Next Marketing

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