keyboard_arrow_up Offers Making Money with SEO Kindle Book Free for Five Days , a digital marketing informational website that focuses on SEO, announced a 5-day giveaway of the e-book entitled How to Make Money with SEO. Starting on May 31, 2016 and running through June 3, 2016, the e-book, which normally retails for $4.99 will be available for download 100% free.

The purpose of the book is clear from the opening lines that sate, “SEO is a skill. It is not a job.” Instead of teaching the intricacies of search engine optimization, it aims to teach readers how to use the skills they already possess as a method of earning a living.

Topics in the guide range from various methods of earning a solid income freelancing to gaining full-time employment with large advertising and marketing agencies. The author walks through each proven method in a very clear manner while explaining his experience with each of them. Every method has its own dedicated chapter with realistic and actionable steps.

This e-book is clearly written for individuals who have already learned SEO and digital marketing, whether in a formal setting or on their own, but have not had experience or success with turning their knowledge into a way to produce revenue.

How to Make Money with SEO is only available digitally on To take advantage of the free offer, orders must be made during the free offer period. Directly after the period ends, the publication will return to its full retail price.

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