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China grape wine manufacturing industry, 2014 is valuable for anyone who wants to invest in the grape wine manufacturing industry, to get Chinese investments; to import into China or export from China, to build factories and take advantage of lower costs in China, to partner with one of the key Chinese corporations, to get market shares as China is boosting its domestic needs; to forecast the future of the world economy as China is leading the way; or to compete in the segment. The report provides the whole set of the industry data, in-depth analysis and detailed insight into the grape wine manufacturing industry, market drivers, key enterprises and their strategies, as well as technologies and investment status, risks and trends.

Grape wine manufacturing refers to production of alcoholic drink with alcoholic content equal to or higher than 7% through full or partial fermentation using fresh grape or grape juice as raw materials. According to the provisions of International Organization of Vine and Wine, the alcoholic content of  grape wine shall not be lower than 8.5%.

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There are many varieties of grape wine that vary in product style because of difference in grape cultivation and grape wine process conditions.

Based on the color of finished products, it can be divided into red wine, white wine and pink wine. Among which, red wines can be further divided into dry red wine, semi-dry red wine, semi-sweet red wine and sweet red wine; and white wines can be further divided into dry white wine, semi-dry white wine, semi-sweet white wine and sweet white wines. Based on brewing methods, it can be divided into four categories, i.e. wines, sparkling wines, fortified wines and flavored wine.

Data sources: Governmental statistics organizations, market research (monitoring) centers, industry associations and institutions, import and export statistics organizations, and others.

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There are 133 figures and tables in the report.

Report format: PDF

Knowledge is power. If you want to invest in, import into/from, partner with, or compete against any of the companies in this field, then China grape wine manufacturing industry, 2014 is required reading.

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Table Of Contents

Part 1 Industry Overview    1
1 Definition and development of the grape wine manufacturing industry    1
1.1 Definition of the industry and its core products    1
1.1.1 Definition of the industry    1
1.1.2 Core products    1
1.2 Main characteristics of the industry and a history of its development    2
1.2.1 Major characteristics of the industry    2
1.2.2 Course of industrial development    3

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2 Macro environment and impact analysis of the grape wine manufacturing industry    6
2.1 Current macroeconomic developments and trends    6
2.2 The latest policies and related laws and regulations for the industry    12
2.2.1 New national standards are promulgated for the grape wine manufacturing industry    12
2.2.2 The “Requirements for Entry into the Grape Wine Manufacturing Industry” was officially announced    13
2.3 Upstream, downstream industry development status    15
2.3.1 Upstream industries    16
2.3.2 Downstream industries    22

3 International market analysis of the grape wine manufacturing industry    25
3.1 Current development of its international market    25
3.2 Levels of development in key countries and regions    25
3.3 Analysis of movements and trends in the international market    29

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