“Partners In America” establishing "Marketing Partners" across the Nation. Providing them with a "Digital Sales Force" to build a "Community Driven" Business Portfolio & Residual Income, based on Video Content..!

The Future Of Digital Marketing Belongs To Us..!

We are marketing futurists and promotional marketing strategists that have been involved in the Internet from its inception. Our promotional marketing platform: Convergence 3.0: Video+Social+Mobile, the "Trifecta of Promotional Marketing", has provided us with the credibility and stature to "Brainstorm" with clients that own small businesses and start-up companies, providing advice, structure and digital strategy on a regular basis. We have taught them much about how to succeed on the Net and have gained valuable insight into the day to day problems and challenges that each of them faces... We have taken these experiences and have fashioned a response that will now be taken across this nation.

"People see things as they are and ask why..?  We see things that never were and ask why not"..!

A New Day Is Dawning... And Its Called "Partners In America"..!

We have looked into the future of "Tomorrow's Internet" one in which we will "connect" communities across America and with our "marketing partners" reshape how business is conducted online and with the "shake of a hand"...! "Partners In America" will support ... local businesses, it will support local music, a constant theme that produces the "rhythm" for a town and we will "Buy America"...supporting our manufacturing infrastructure to keep us strong and vibrant as a nation, while creating "New Jobs" right here at home. "Partners In America" will be a vital part of the local Chambers Of Commerce, interact with the "Main Street America" program and will reach to local networking groups to share our expertise in once again "Connecting" Businesses to one another and in doing so connecting America...!

Video Is King And Mobile Is The Messenger..!

We have built the most powerful communication system for delivering high speed products & services around a single premise: "Video Is King And Mobile Is The Messenger"...Video in all its formats will dominate "Tomorrow's Internet" and we as "Partners In America" are poised to utilize this medium to its fullest extent. Video allows us to "Connect" people, companies and products; it inspires a "Call To Action" One 2 minute video is worth One Million Words..!  We invite the business or consumer to "Engage" and interact with what we call a "Message With Personality".  Storytelling developed around a U.S.P. (unique selling proposition)  that was created from "Brainstorming".

A Video Portal The Engine Driving "Tomorrow's Internet"

In keeping with this digital strategy, we have created a "Video Portal", a highly stylized entry point that provides a certain "magic" and "happiness" to the experience and we call it: The "People You Should Know Road Show Tour”©… A High Definition, S.E.O. coded, content driven "Call To Action" Video Network which supports local communities and local businesses..! Utilizing Convergence 3.0: the video programming will be seen "Literally Everywhere" from laptops to tablets and smartphones…  local cable will be our companion... We will engage DPR: (Digital Public Relations) with our marketing partner "PitchEngine" that further enhances the spread of our video content and message to major social media sites, newsrooms: local & national, business blogs, business websites (including our own), financial sites, venture capital sites, entertainment venues etc. We can reach into every corner of America and across oceans with this technology...!

Video Branding Across All Venues Leads To Online Sales...

The video message engages the business or consumer and prompts them to visit our online shopping sites where they may purchase products or services; Everything from roofing restoration to table lamps...

Help Us Build "Partners In America"...

We are looking for a few highly motivated men and women across America that would like to become part of something bigger then themselves...I guess what we are offering is the opportunity to earn part-time or full-time from a totally unique digital marketing strategy that has never been attempted before..! "Partners In America" can become a journey you can be proud of each and every day..! Become the "Business Leader" in your community and earn from the experience...

"Partners In America"  assists our marketing partners every step of the way in  Building  a "Business Portfolio and Residual Income"; utilizing, Convergence 3.0: Video+Social+Mobile and our "Digital Marketing Tools".  We will provide our expertise, time and money to assure each "Marketing Partner" becomes profitable.

The following link explains visually how "Partners In America" works and the multiple channels of distribution it has at its command; including: digital tools, SEO coded video, websites, promotional platforms and strategy...

Have a Resplendent Day

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Partners In America™

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