Chuck Taylor's First Book Now A Kickstarter Project

Tigard, OR

Author Chuck Taylor has turned to Kickstarter to raise capital for publishing his book.

The story entails angels, demons, vampires, werewolves, and men warring across time from Ancient Mesopatamia to fated Roanoke to modern day America.

Rough Timeline:

January - March 2014: Completion of research

March - December 2014: Writing, writing, editing, rewriting, and more rewriting

January - February 2015: Start the printing process

March - May 2015: Print, promote, market, and distribute book.


He has completed a substantial amount of investigation into the costs of the project and have a narrow selection of artists, designers, editors, and publishers already in mind.  95% complete on the research side, there are still some niggling little details he'd like to flesh out.  That leaves compiling and managing the data and then of course writing the book itself.

Some of the details:

Sampling of Settings: Ancient Ireland, ancient fertile crescent civilizations,The Aztec Empire, 1920's New England, Skara Brae 350 B.C., 16th century Roanoke, 15th century France, and lastly modern U.S.

Sampling of Characters: Guilles de Rais, Boudicca, Sargon, and fictional characters including a one-eyed, one-legged, proctologist with a hook, and up to five backers as characters.

Werewolves & VampiresMy approach to werewolves and vampires doesn't fall into what has become their stereotypical relationships. They are not eternal enemies at the species level, or fighting a blood fued, or even defending their human livestock and territories. What they are is an evolution of the same species coexisting and interacting at clan, tribe, and governmental levels.

Angels & Demons: Telepathic hive like beings with no sense of time. For them there is no past or future. Just what is happening and that is shared instantaneously amongst all of their kind.


After editing and ePublishing four of his father-in-law's books He's determined to work on his own story. Yes, it does take a lot of time and yes, there are a lot of challenges. However, there is a much greater sense of satisfaction having done all the work yourself, and perhaps more importantly you have total control of your book.


Production Costs - $4,222: ISBNs, editing, artwork, design, and layout expenses.

Marketing & PR - $1,866: Promotional materials (business cards, bookmarks, post cards, posters, and sell sheets), press releases, advertising, etc.

Fees - $663: Kickstarter and the service they use to issue funds both charge fees for their services - If the funds raised are more than the campaign total these fees will be higher.

Professional Associations - $362: Writing and Publishing associations that can help with networking, marketing, and discounted promotion and printing services.

- NW Writers & Publishers Association: Book promotion, advertising, and literary awards.

- Horror Writers Association: Promotional resource listing, book expo, web and newsletter publicity, and market reports and industry news

- Independent Book Publishers Association: Cooperative book catalog, digital publishing discounts, marketing, and publicity

Hardware - iPad, Nook, and accessories - $778: The top three markets for ebooks are Amazon, Apple, and Barnes & Nobles. Unfortunately they use three different formats for their ebooks. The iPad and Nook are needed for validating the design/layout of the ebooks and making necessary changes. I found previously that even the ebook publisher's online tools do not "prove" that your book will display correctly on the ereader. On the Kindle books I published the tools looked great but I found once I looked at them on my Kindle that I had two covers!

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