The Advantages of VisionPro Wireless Emergency Call System®

For most individuals who think of a nurse call, it is the button that rests near the bedside of patients in the hospital. Pushing the button is the way that the patient calls the nurse on duty when they need something or are in distress. Today, wireless technology has resulted in the development of more efficient emergency call systems which can be used in a variety of settings. The VisionPro® wireless call system implements wireless technology, like that which operates cell phones, to contact personnel quickly when an urgent situation arises.

The VisionPro® operates with the Windows 7 Professional® platform. Its 900 MHz spread spectrum technology makes it easy for businesses to keep up with their employees or to make sure residents and staff have ready access to security personnel. The emergency system operates with flexible software that allows users to choose their settings, including the type of device they will be using, priority level of emergency notification and other related information. Call history and response times are recorded. In addition to the added security that comes from customized settings, custom software can also be designed for those organizations that require emergency response systems that meet their specific criteria.

The VisionPro can be used as a personal emergency response system with the optional wireless emergency pendant, belt or wrist transmitters.  It is the only system on the market with an emergency pendant that provides four functions:  “Press for Help”, “Cancel Emergency” “Automatic Fall Notification” and even “Elopement Notification” when the user exits the building if  desired.  VisionPro provides a message escalation feature to ensure that calls for help are responded to on a timely basis.  This has critical safety applications for use by Homeland Security, military security, student security, mental health facilities and numerous other types of staff protection.

The user can choose whether to receive alarm notification from specific areas or an entire campus. Additional choices allow security to view and respond to information on-screen, by pager, telephone, two way radio, email or as a text message to their cell phones.  Users with password access can also send emergency or informational messages from any computer or smartphone to any of the alarm receiving devices as well.  For those areas that are restricted, the emergency call system can monitor doors or other equipment that provide a contact closure. Each device used can be scheduled to send an alarm notification that includes information about the name, location and the priority level given for that area.

The Advantage of the 900MHz Spread Spectrum

Most emergency response systems are only as valuable as their ability to reach security personnel wherever they are. The 900MHz Advantage is that it is able to get through narrow spaces where 300MHz products cannot, making the VisionPro system a more effective choice for both residential and commercial environments. The great range allows alarms to reach staff without installing wiring for signal repeaters and provides the ability to reach staff within as much as ten times the area of other wireless products.

Another advantage is the automatic self-testing feature. VisionPro wireless systems have full supervision, meaning that the transmitters automatically transmit on a regular basis to ensure issues like low battery, tampering or other problems don’t interfere with the security of the area. The diversity and flexibility of the VisionPro makes it a top choice in communities and organizations where security is a primary concern including:

  • Campuses
  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Gated Communities
  • Office Buildings
  • Correctional Facilities
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Airports
  • Temperature Monitoring
  • Motion or Glass Breakage
  • Smoke Detection

Wireless technology makes it easy to consistently monitor out-of-the-way areas like stairwells and out-buildings.  Wireless emergency call systems are the most advanced way to create a safe, secure and cost-effective emergency notification system for nearly any type of residential, government or commercial facility.