Power Electronics Market worth $36.86 Billion by 2020

Major players discussed in the power electronics market report include Texas Instruments Inc. (U.S), Vishay Intertechnology Inc. (U.S), Infineon Technologies AG (Germany), NXP Semiconductors (U.S), Fairchild Semiconductor (U.S), Microsemi Corp. (U.S), Toshiba Corp. (Japan), Hitachi Co., Ltd (Japan), and Mitsubishi Electric Corp. (Japan).

Power electronics is considered as one of the most vibrant sector owing to its presence, usage, and overlap with many other industry verticals. There is an extremely high surge in the market for power electronics devices; and the applications in which these devices can be employed. The credit for power electronics becoming such a vast industry goes to the continuous advancements in the technology. The companies invest most of their revenues in R&D so as to make the concerned improvements in their technology. Also, the supply chain in this industry is a major supporting factor that has helped the power electronics industry to reach new heights. Another important role of power electronics, which is getting a strong emphasis recently, is the associated energy saving. Many companies are taking initiatives to intensify their R&D practices, to save energy with the help of modern power electronics devices and systems.

Key Take Away:

In this report, the market is fully segmented into the following categories and the industry trends are also covered, as follows:
Total Markets: Market – product market, sub-markets, related markets, complementary markets (with sub-segmentation), Total Addressable Market (TAM) and market penetration in semiconductors
Sub Markets: Substrate wafer technology, products & devices market
• Market by Substrate Wafer Technology: High, middle, and low end solution
• Market by Devices: Power IC, power modules, and power discrete market
• Market by Applications : Industry vertical-based market analysis, ICT applications (Switching systems, wireless and RF applications), consumer electronics applications, power sector applications, industrial applications, automotive, aerospace & defense applications and so on
• Market by Geography: Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the Rest of the World 
• Market – Competitive Landscape: Market share analysis separately for power electronics product manufacturers and power electronics device manufacturers
• Market- Patent Landscape Analysis: Patent activity, publication activity, and mapping & analysis

The APAC holds the crown for being the market leader in the overall ecosystem. APAC is followed by the Americas, Europe, and ROW. The major reason for APAC being the market leader is the fact that most of the electronics and semiconductor manufacturing is done in APAC nations; therefore,APAC is also said to be the hub of the power electronics market. The manufacturing of components and devices is done on a large scale as the cost of labor and operations is very low in the APAC countries as compared to other regions of the globe. The APAC region consists of countries such as Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan, and the others; including Indonesia, India, Malaysia, and Singapore.

The report presents the important segmentation based on the power electronics devices that include power discrete, power IC, and power modules. All the mentioned devices are used for the integration of the materials that go into the manufacturing of components and devices. Additionally, the major manufacturer of electronic components and devices are found in the APAC region, making it the market leader in the power electronics ecosystem.

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Power electronics is being recognized as a major discipline in the engineering field; and with the saturating trend in technology, it is expected to have a tremendous impact on the various applications it is used in. Power electronics tends to be high tech frontier in the overall electronics and semiconductor domain. The role of power electronics in the future will be very important and versatile for the socio-economic development. The power electronics components, devices, and systems have merged together to create a complex interdisciplinary technology, which is expected to be an important element in applications such as industrial, power, automotive, and aerospace& defense.

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