From Pottery to Pizza; the artists behind the oven at Pizza Carrello

(Gillette, Wyo.) – For 16 years, Ariane Jimison spent her days as a potter, sculpting bowls, vases and plates. She traveled from one art festival to another and tried to make ends meet in a ‘starving artist world.’ At her last art festival, Ariane noticed something that would later change her career path. “No artists were making money, but the hot dog vendor next to us was sure making a killing,” said Ariane.
Sticking to her artistic roots, Ariane said she often thought of ways to make money that involved a kiln and food. Having been a bread maker for some time, she dreamed of having a wood-fired oven in her backyard. One thing led to another and before she knew it, Ariane’s passion for pottery turned into making pizza in a food cart as she traveled to events, fairs and festivals in Gillette and North East Wyoming.
Ariane’s original plan was to only be open in the summertime, so that she could be a potter in the winter. As the demand for Pizza Carrello grew, Ariane and co-owner, Rachel Kalenberg found themselves staying open year round. They eventually expanded and moved into the Gillette Brewing Company, with their wood-fired oven located outside. “It was cramped and after the second winter of cooking outside, something had to change,” Ariane said. “Two of our employees got frostbite, it was brutal.”
Now located at 400 W 2nd Street, Pizza Carrello has a small amount of seating inside, a drive-thru window for takeout and of course, the wood-fired oven. “Everything we do revolves around the wood-fired oven. We don’t have a microwave or a steam table.” Ariane said. “If it comes from us, it’s made when you order it.”
From pottery to pizza, Ariane and Rachel strive to keep their artistic souls alive in the pizza they create. They’ve grown Pizza Carrello from a traveling food cart, to an established pizzeria -- a passion and a dream come true by the artists behind the oven.
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