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This document describes the Russian energy market in detail in terms of size, scope, value and increased activity due to new projects aimed at meeting the country’s growing demand for energy (predicted as 50% by 2030).

It provides complete studies of the investments and companies involved in expanding power generation capacity in Russia, specifically the conventional, hydropower and nuclear segments of the market.

The report explores the opportunities for growth and the obstacles to power generation construction as well as the financing options available for new construction and renovation projects.

Benefit From comprehensive coverage of the changing energy market-

  • High tech power generation solutions are changing the prospects for new construction and renovation. Learn about planned projects and more in this report, including:
  • Size, value and plans for expansion of Russia’s large and diverse energy market
  • Comparison of current capacity for power generation to projected requirements by 2030
  • Investment leaders active in this sector and their most significant ventures
  • Investments in infrastructure upgrade and renovation
  • Specific investment details for the conventional, nuclear and hydro power segments of the market
  • In-depth examination of power construction project financing options
  • Obstacles to successful ventures in energy construction in Russia
  • Activities of top contractors and investors – along with informative company profiles.

This publication offers both in depth and at a glance features, Including:

  • Complete coverage of power sector construction projects from planning through completion
  • Russian energy market overview containing leading investor profiles
  • Recaps of recently completed power sector construction projects
  • SWOT analysis of this growing segment of the Russian construction market
  • Values of specific projects
  • Investment totals for projects in the thermal, hydroelectric and nuclear power generation segments
  • Predictions regarding the influence of trends and upcoming events on the power sector construction market in Russia.

Did you know:

  • OGKs own state district power plants (SDPPs) that are conventional thermal power plants with a typical installed capacity of 1000-2000 MW.
  • Co-generation plants, with a typical installed capacity of 100-500 MW, producing both electricity and heat are grouped into territorial generating companies.
  • The three largest conventional thermal power plants in Russia are: Surgutskaya SDPP-2 (5.6 GW) owned by E.ON Russia, Reftinskaya SDPP (3.8 GW, Enel OGK-5) and Kostromskaya SDPP (3.6 GW, Inter RAO).
  • Russia has an installed nuclear capacity of about 25,200 MW distributed across 33 nuclear reactors at ten nuclear power plants.
  • The share of renewable energy that comprises geothermal and wind power plants accounts for less than 1% of the total installed capacity.
  • The oldest generating facilities are currently being utilised by hydropower plants, where only 26% of generating capacity was commissioned less than 30 years ago.
  • As of 2013, the network losses were estimated at 10% of total power grid output in Russia.
  • The energy intensity of the country’s GDP is two and a half times higher than the world average, and up to three and a half times higher than that of developed countries.

Extract from this report:

  • The Plan and Programme for the development of Russia’s Unified Energy System for the period 2013-2019 (The Plan) forecasts that a total of up to 52 GW of new generating capacity couldhave been completed by the end of 2019.
  • In 2013, a total of 71 power lines with voltage of at least 220 kV were reconstructed and completed, including fourteen 500 kV power lines, one 330 kV line and 56,220 kV lines.
  • The total installed capacity of new power facilities scheduled under CPAs between 2007 and 2017 accounts for 26.7 GW, of which 12.1 GW were activated by the end of 2013.

Can new construction in Russia’s power sector meet energy demand by 2030?

Report focuses on current and planned investments; forecasts for market development to 2019

The rising demand for electrical power in Russia is expected to continue, and to reach a 50% increase over current levels by 2030.  In order to handle this expansion, a variety of new power sector investments are underway and in the planning stages across this large and diverse market. Investments in conventional power generation, as well as hydropower and nuclear power generation facilities and infrastructure have created a wide range of opportunities for businesses involved in this type of construction and those that provide equipment and services particular to power generation projects.

Power sector construction in Russia 2014, Development forecasts for 2014-2019 provides an overview of the country’s current energy market and describes the investors and projects at the head of the industry’s efforts to renovate and expand the infrastructure and meet future demands for electric power. This informative publication examines current market values and identifies top investors and construction companies. It describes recent and planned projects in terms of their value, power generation capacity and opportunities on offer for those participating in the marketplace.

The report explores funding options available for Russian power sector construction projects and analyses potential obstacles that have been overcome by leading companies at work in the industry. It provides in-depth profiles of the top investors and contractors along with reviews of recently completed construction projects and news about the latest planned ventures.This document supplies data on the value (RUB bn) and volume (MW) of planned projects, locations of those projects and the fuels that will be utilised for power generation. It studies the regulatory environment for investment governing this type of infrastructure construction and offers SWOT analysis and total investments in each segment of the market – thermal, hydroelectric and nuclear. It also takes a look into the future with carefully prepared forecasts detailing the growth and expansion that is forecast to occur through 2019.

This versatile report is especially helpful to contractors new to the market as well as experienced market veterans. It is a resource targeted to meet the needs of power generation equipment producers and power companies, as well as academic and government researchers, business analysts and consultants and all types of financial services professionals.

Power sector construction in Russia 2014, Development forecasts for 2014-2019 aids professionals with interests in the market as they prepare strategy, seek new projects and develop new business prospects, locate new investment and merger/acquisition partners and estimate demand for sector-related products and services. Clients reach for it when performing competitive analysis and when preparing important data summaries and documents intended for use by executives and company shareholders.

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