How to Make the Best First Impression on a Blind Date

A blind date is a lot like a job interview. You have only a limited window of opportunity to make a favorable first impression.

That’s why it’s important to make sure that your sense of fashion is firing on all six cylinders. Without any other context to go on, your date will be judging you largely on appearance. You have to get every aspect of your self-presentation right, from your cuff links to your shoes.

Consider these sartorial tips for first date success:

·         Dress for the occasion. If you’re meeting up at a posh restaurant, a t-shirt and jeans isn’t the way to go. Conversely, a three-piece suit isn’t going to fly in a sports bar. Know your setting and dress appropriately.

·         Stay away from all black ensembles. You are not Neil Gaiman. What looks good on a British author makes you look like a serial killer.

·         Make sure your shoes match your attire. Tennis shoes and a shirt with cuff links clash as poorly as toothpaste and orange juice. Dress shoes pair best with dress clothes, and tennis shoes should only really be worn with a T-shirt and jeans.

·         Groom. Get rid of hair in undesirable places, clip your nails, do a little exfoliating, and make sure you take a shower before you leave home.

·         Bling it up. A good watch or some men’s designer jewelry can send a powerful signal to a blind date.

·         Keep it smart. Before leaving, do a double-check to make sure everything looks just right.

Now, a few etiquette tips:

·         Let her talk. Don’t be a conversation hog, it makes you look like an egotistical jerk. Ask her about her work, family, etc. Make her feel like she’s the center of attention.

·         Keep it light. Avoid controversial topics, unless she clearly indicates that’s what she wants to talk about. Movies, music, and books are safe, but engaging topics.

·         Keep your eyes on the lady. Make sure you keep your attention focused on your date.

·         Be confident. Be willing to step forward and make decisions. Don’t come across as a control freak, but don’t be a wallflower, either.

·         Pay for it. A blind date is no time to go Dutch, unless you want to go home alone. Whip out the plastic and pick up the check.

With a well-groomed appearance, a lot of confidence, and a little luck, your blind date may be the start of a romantic relationship or even a fantastic friendship.


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