Analysis of Global Orphan Drug Market 2018

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The global pharmaceutical industry has been experiencing a slow growth in recent years owing to many factors such as expiration of patents, competition from generic drugs segment, exhausting pipelines, and an increasingly stringent regulatory framework. It is most likely that many blockbuster drugs would lose their exclusivity in the next 5 year horizon.

Thus, due to significant competition from generics and the current economic situation, the focus area of the pharmaceutical companies is undergoing a paradigm shift from manufacturing traditional essential medicines to investing in the new business model, which is also called orphan drugs. The returns on investment from orphan drugs are expected to help the pharma companies to overcome the impact of revenue loss due to expiry of patents of blockbuster drugs.

The major drivers for companies to increasingly invest in orphan drugs include government incentives for drug development and strong support from the FDA and EU Commission in special protocols. Inspite of pharma companies facing many obstacles in this field, this segment of orphan drugs is likely to have the potential to provide the key to recovery and stability within the market.

The orphan drugs enjoy significant competitive advantages in the market owing to the market exclusivity period after the drug has been authorized. Through this clause, the manufacturer of orphan drugs is given a monopoly status in the market because according to the law, no other company is allowed to market the orphan drugs during the exclusivity period. Additionally, this monopolistic power is further strengthened with the fact that no other alternative health technology exists for many orphan drugs.

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"Global Orphan Drug Market Outlook 2018” research report by KuicK Research comprehensive insight on following developments related to global orphan drug market:

  • Global & Regional Orphan Drug Market Overview
  • Orphan Drug Designation Criteria Across Key Markets
  • Market Specific Reimbursement Policy & Regulatory Framework
  • Orphan Drug Pipeline by Phase, Orphan Designated Disease & Country
  • Competitive Landscape

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction to Orphan Drugs
1.1 Orphan Drug Defined
1.2 Rising Popularity of Orphan Drugs

2. Why Shift from Non-Orphan to Orphan Drugs?
2.1 Exhausting Product Pipelines
2.2 Profitability of Orphan Drugs
2.3 Increasing R&D Investment
2.4 Role of Economic Incentives
2.5 Patent Protection & Market Exclusivity

3. Global Orphan Drug Market Outlook
3.1 Market Overview
3.2 Biological & Non-Biological Orphan Drugs
3.3 Therapeutic Segmentation
3.4 Regional Segmentation

4. US Orphan Drug Market Outlook
4.1 Orphan Drug Designation Criteria
4.2 Market Overview
4.3 Reimbursement Policy
4.4 Regulatory Framework

5. Europe Orphan Drug Market Outlook
5.1 Orphan Drug Designation Criteria
5.2 Market Overview
5.3 Reimbursement Policy
5.4 Regulatory Framework

6. Asia Orphan Drug Market Outlook
6.1 Orphan Drug Designation Criteria
6.2 Market Overview
6.3 Reimbursement Policy
6.4 Regulatory Framework

7. Global Orphan Drug Pipeline Insight by Phase, Orphan Designated Disease & Country
7.1 Clinical Phase: Research
7.2 Clinical Phase: Preclinical
7.3 Clinical Phase: Phase I
7.4 Clinical Phase:Phase I/II
7.5 Clinical Phase:Phase II
7.6 Clinical Phase:Phase II/III
7.7 Clinical Phase:Phase III
7.8 Clinical Phase:Preregistration
7.9 Clinical Phase:Registered

8. Key Issue to be Resolved
8.1 High Initial Investment
8.2 Clinical Study Hurdles
8.3 Regulatory Hurdles
8.4 Different Reimbursement Policy
8.5 Distribution Challenges

9. Competitive Landscape
9.1 Pfizer
9.2 Roche
9.3 Sanofi
9.4 Rare Disease Therapeutics
9.5 Glaxosmithkline
9.6 Merck
9.7 Novartis Pharmaceuticals
9.8 Alexion
9.9 Celgene
9.10 Biogen Idec
9.11 Eli Lilly
9.12 Bristol Myers Squibb

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