Legal Assistance in Entertainment & Sports Law From The Ticktin Law Group

The Ticktin Law Group, a leading law firm based in Florida, provides effective solutions in resolving legal matters involving entertainment and sports law. The law firm discusses their services on their website.

[DEERFIELD BEACH, JULY 7, 2014] – The Ticktin Law Group, a premier Florida-based law firm, offers legal assistance in resolving entertainment and sports law issues. The firm helps clients draft amicable agreements and devise effective strategies to maximize the benefit to their clients. Through a team of experienced lawyers, they assist clients in achieving success in their specific fields while advocating for the clients’ rights.

Legal Assistance to Artists

According to The Ticktin Law Group, they advise clients on business and legal matters, including the use and formation of corporations, joint ventures, and limited and general partnerships. The company’s Entertainment Law Division negotiates and documents creative talent agreements for services obtained in the full range of the arts, including feature films, television series, movies and miniseries, along with Internet and interactive multimedia productions.

Through experienced attorneys, the firm provides counseling on endorsement and talent deals. They offer effective strategies in estate planning, and specialized counsel on crisis management and public relations. The firm explains that they also serve the needs of producers, directors and production companies in the negotiation and documentation of agreements to obtain vital literary rights.

Legal Solutions for Sports and Recreation Issues

The Ticktin Law Group assists clients with their legal needs regarding sports franchise, professional leagues, or athletes and entities interested in sponsorships and endorsement agreements. They provide a broad range of services for sport-related needs. Through individualized strategies, the firm assures clients with unique methodologies to maximize whatever they are entitled to.

Striving to provide a complete suite of legal services, The Ticktin Law Group offers legal consulting on clients’ businesses. Apart from legal assistance, the firm assists clients in propelling their businesses to success. And with expert advice stemming from years of experience, they ensure their clients are protected from legal exposure.


The Ticktin Law Group is a leading law firm in Florida that delivers exceptional results through cost-effective solutions. The firm thrives on three principles: creativity, cost effectiveness, and communications, along with the mantra, “Results through Creative Thinking.” They maintain a level of professionalism and pride in providing legal services on different fields, including divorce and family law, estates, wills and trusts, entertainment and sports law, and intellectual property law. Taking a proactive approach, the firm offers corporate work, contract drafting, legal advice, and business litigation.

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