World's Hottest Drivers In Temple AZ Helps Improve Your Golf Long Game With Custom Driver Shaving

PRESS RELEASE: Temple AZ, 20-JANUARY-2014 ' World's Hottest Drivers, LLC, Temple AZ golf long drivers firm, and Steve Mummert, President are pleased to announce that those who want to shave strokes off their golf score should consider shaving their driver. This custom shaving can increase the yardage by as much as forty yards to a typical drive. The improvement is common in players who use the customized drivers.

A representative for the Temple AZ Golf Long Drivers firm spoke to an interviewer recently. "The process we use in our technique is to slightly reduce the face thickness on drivers. This gives more of a trampoline effect and thus extends the distance in a typical drive. The technique works on any driver. The science is not complicated. Shaving the face of the driver allows for more flexing so that striking the ball results in more spring. The additional spring is especially beneficial for those veteran players who have lost some of the drive strength over the years."

He continues, "Many years ago, some of the major club manufacturers produced "illegal" drivers that were high performance. The USGA labeled these clubs as "non-conforming" and manufacturers were pressured to stop producing the drivers. Our firm uses the same concept of making the club faces thinner. This allows for improved performance from the same best-ranked brand clubs."

World's Hottest Drivers has been machining golf driver heads since 2006. Extensive research and development work has been done on almost all driver models on earth. This data allows for machining or "shaving" the faces to achieve the full potential of the specific club, regardless of the maker.

Learn more about the golf driver shaving service by paying a visit to the web pages at today. Members of the press and others who have additional questions about the contents of this press notice are invited to contact the firm at the location described below.

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