Great Tips on Buying Wholesale Cabochons and Cabochon Settings

Buying wholesale cabochons and cabochon settings can be a confusing task for people who are new to jewelry crafting. Most buyers of craft supplies should know the exact difference between a quantity discount and a wholesale discount.  Having this information will help you determine how much money you can save whenever you buy wholesale.

The discount for wholesale cabochons and cabochon settings, generally, is a 50% less from the total amount of the products you bought from an online wholesale shop.  A business license or a tax ID number is almost always necessary for this kind of transaction, for you to be allowed access to the site’s wholesale section.  Apart from this requirement, you will have to order their minimum purchase amount, which can range from $100 to $150 upon registration.

The quantity discount for wholesale cabochons and cabochon settings is not as big as the 50% offered on wholesale, but it depends on the amount of items that you purchase too. One website, for example, will give you an 8% discount, if you buy 12 different types of beads, so the total amount of your order will become lower. There is no minimum purchase order required in this type of transaction and the discount given is not as huge as those that you get from wholesale sites.

Other great tips that can be helpful in buying wholesale cabochons and cabochon settings include the following:

1.  Questioning the offered closeouts and sales


As you visit many wholesale supply websites, you will notice that there are plenty of closeouts and liquidation sales. While you may think these to be great opportunities to buy wholesale cabochons and cabochon settings at fantastically low prices, you should know why these items are put on sale or being closed out. They may be just not hot sellers, even if the quality is very good; or they may be nearing expiration and/or badly damaged.  You need to know all this, so that you will not find yourself buying supplies that you won’t be able to use.

2.  Doing the math

Do you believe you should purchase wholesale cabochons and cabochon settings now? If you say yes because your study showed that this business will give you a good profit margin, does your study include the present time when your sales are not yet picking up? Perhaps you can wait until your sales become steady before ordering on wholesale basis. Therefore, you can avoid spending large amounts while your money is not being recovered fast enough. The interest for credit that you used in buying the items will accumulate, where will your potential profit margin be?

3.  Check the website that you are considering dealing with:

Read the fine print of the website(s) that you are interested in.  This will allow you to know if you will be able to return the shipment that is not exactly what you expected, and get a refund of they do not have the product to replace the less than stellar shipment.

Actually there are other ways of ensuring a fruitful and satisfactory wholesale purchase of your required beads and stones and these all tantamount to being a smart and careful buyer on the internet. Having the right information can help you buy your wholesale cabochons and cabochon settings without hassle.