Window Installation - Do It Yourself Method

Whether you are installing a new window or replacing an existing window, allow a remodeling contractor to do the job.

This article explains how the window installation in San Antonio is done. Firstly, remove the window trim and the casing. Once this is done, remove the screws from the window and remove the window completely. Ensure the glass is not broken while removing. When the window is out of wall, inspect the window jamb condition and ensure there is no damage. If the damage is present, repair or replace the window jamb damaged areas before moving forward. Next, inspect and replace the window stop. Window stop is a wood piece that is ripped down and placed around the window jamb exterior side. Then, apply silicone to the window stop. Before applying, ensure there are no issues with the fitment. If there are issues, address properly and then fit the window. When done properly, window should fit properly into the opening. This is the process for window replacement.

How is the actual installation of window done?

The actual window installation is very easy and simple. Firstly, run a silicone bead on the inside portion of the window stop. Then slide the window into its place. Place a level across window top and press cedar shim between the window frame bottom and the window jamb to get the window sitting level. The window normally comes in its own hardware packet consisting of four screws. Two screws are put on each window side, one at the top and the other at the bottom. For the screws, there are holes that are pre-drilled in the window frame to fit the screws. This is the installation process for windows. If you are not able to do the installation, in San Antonio there are many remodeling contractor who are skilled and professional to do the job. You can hire them to install the windows.

How is insulation and extension jambs added?

Once the window is fitted, there may be many gaps around the window frame. This gives the opportunity to insulate the areas. For large gaps, cut roll of insulation into pieces and pack them into the window gaps. If it is harder to reach the spots, use insulation foam. To add extension window jambs, pick a style of molding that can fit your home d├ęcor and create a frame. Measure each piece and use a saw to cut into appropriate length. Make the cut in a forty five degree angle so the trim can fit with a nice frame. Finally, attach the trim to the wall with finish nails and paint them with a nice touch.

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