Get to know the team at Natural Health Solutions

(Fremont County, Wyo.) - When you step foot into Natural Health Solutions, you are instantly calmed by the smiling faces behind the front desk and the outdoor, Wyoming ambiance that surrounds you.
Dr. Walter Conard opened the office just over 10 years ago in 2005 and has been treating in the "natural world" for 43 years -- so it seemed only natural to name the office 'Natural Health Solutions'. Dr. Conard's education in Naturalpathic, Chiropractic, Homeopathics, Nutrition and Acupuncture has enabled him and his team to use all of these technologies together to bring about a more rounded healing process for Fremont County.
Cat (the spunky one on the left) is Natural Health Solutions Chiropractic and Wellness Assistant. She helps patients with decompression, Medx, and all other treatments. "I got into this business by first being a patient in 2007. After the healing that I discovered, I knew I had to be more involved in this office every day," Cat said. "Gratefully, I was able to have that opportunity in March 2012."
Rose (the sweet gal in the middle) is the Customer Service Rep at Natural Health Solutions. She greets each person with that contagious smile, answers the phone and schedules appointments. "I got into this line of business many years ago through different areas, but landed, thankfully at Natural Health Solutions," Rose said. "My favorite part of this job is seeing the improvement in each individual."
Cathy (she's next to Dr. Conard) is the Wellness & Chiropractic Assistant. She assists client care with Spinal Decompression, Acupuncture, Body Wraps, among many other things. "I have always been interested in natural healing," Cathy said. "The quality of life Dr. Conard gave my child with his treatments and guidance has enabled him to flourish and be successful. I wish this for everyone out there."
Tracy is the Wellness Coordinator of Club Reduce at Natural Health Solutions. She helps clients regain internal health that results in losing weight and teaches them how to maintain a healthy weight as a lifestyle. "Helping others and problem solving has always been a rewarding part of my life," said Tracy. "From my own experiences, I find great joy in helping people solve this particular challenge."
Natural Health Solutions is located at 705 E. Fremont Ave. in Riverton. Call 307-856-8181 to schedule an appointment.