Sentinel Property Groups Offers Reliable Unlisted Property Fund Services

[Brisbane, April 29, 2014] – Sentinel Property Group, one of Australia’s industry-leading investment firms, beefs up their services with an improved unlisted property fund schemes. Clients wanting to make the most of their unlisted properties can partner with the firm for better property investment opportunities.

Unlisted property funds are those property investments not listed on any public market, such as the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). This type of investment is often a complicated, but rewarding one.

Because investments are not listed, investors cannot track the up-to-date goings on with their funds, including knowing the current price and the rate of increase or decrease. Some schemes also do not have the luxury of having the ongoing supervision of market supervisors, like the ASX. This is where the Sentinel Property Group can be of help.

Safer, Easier Unlisted Property Investing

Sentinel Property Group is an unlisted property fund that works to provide assistance for sophisticated investors and other individuals who are interested in investing in commercial properties in Australia. They manage unlisted funds to provide investors with quality investment opportunities.

The company has years of experience and expertise in the Australian commercial property investment market. This, along with their professional, firm, and realistic views of the benefits of investing in different properties, allows Sentinel to help investors realize their own investing potential.

Sentinel’s approach uses the years of experience their team of managers have in investing to handle their unlisted property funds schemes. The company uses a strong, long-term strategy that allows them to find stronger commercial properties to invest in.

A Meticulous Screening Process

The Sentinel Property Group manages only the best investments possible for clients. This is the main reason they have laid out a meticulous screening process for interested customers.
The predominant qualities they look for when adding to their unlisted property fund include: income revenue, capital growth potential, tax benefits, positive cash-flow from well-established tenants, returns to investors from income not capital, and a clear exit or value-add strategy to underpin the capital value.

The firm’s trusts have been recognized as the best performing of their kind in Australia—a testament to their drive for excellence.

About Sentinel Property Group

Sentinel Property Group is one of the most trusted investment property firms in Australia. This Brisbane-based company offers a number of reliable, quality investment opportunities for clients, including SMSF properties, commercial and industrial property investments, listed and unlisted property funds, property syndicates, and much more.

The firm delivers wealth for its investors through strategic property purchases, hands-on asset administration, and identification and realization of a value-add potential.

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