CPH Introduces Hello, My Name Is Single

Saint Louis, MO—Being single does not mean you are alone. That is the message Concordia Publishing House author Adriane Dorr Heins wants to share through her new book, Hello, My Name Is Single. The author emphasizes that as children of God, whether we are single, divorced, widowed—whatever our stage in life—we are never without the love of Christ.

The author engages in a practical and personal discussion of the issues facing those who are single and helps Christian singles realize they have value because, in faith, they are Christ’s and He is theirs.

“Being single can be very lonely,” said Heins. “But in Christ we are never alone. That comfort assures us on the days when we can’t help but laugh at the mess we make of our relationships and the days when we think we can’t stand being alone for another second.”

According to the author, “The book’s not just for the lovelorn college student or the middle-aged bachelor farmer. It’s for anyone who comes into contact with single folks—married, divorced, widowed, celibate—and that’s every one of us.”

Hello, My Name Is Single engages single people in Christ-centered content that covers topics such as dating, modesty, holding out for marriage, understanding the vocation of a single person, and seeking healthy guy-girl relationships. It provides a platform for married Christians to support and engage singles in their lives and congregations. It also focuses on exploring conversations about the blessings and challenges of marriage, as well as lessons learned from their time as single Christians.

“Adriane Heins takes on a topic that is usually politely ignored or cheapened with trite words that are often more hurtful than true,” writes Pastor Tim Pauls, Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Boise, Idaho. “None of that here! Backed by research, experience, and a keen eye for culture, she deftly chides, counsels, and encourages both singles and those around them, always anchoring the discussion and the hope of all in their identity as those redeemed by Christ.”

Todd Wilken, host of Issues, Etc., a Christ-centered, cross-focused talk radio station, added, “Hello, My Name Is Single is witty, engaging, and, above all, completely honest. . . .Heins dismantles the mythical trinity of independence, self-sufficiency, and self-reliance. At the same time, she treats singleness as a station in life, a godly vocation that may or may not be permanent.”

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About the Author

Adriane Heins, the author of Hello, My Name Is Single, was a Christian single for 29 years. Her own adventures as a single woman moved her to write this resource for other singles. Born in Marcus, Iowa, she is a 2005 graduate of Concordia University Wisconsin and earned a master’s in theology from Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne. She has worked as an editor in various capacities for numerous Lutheran publications and organizations. Her current role is managing editor of The Lutheran Witness and executive editor of Catechetical Information for The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod. She also is a newlywed and resides with her husband in Higginsville, MO.

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