Mothers are experiencing increased demands and stress as they juggle parenting, careers and demanding social relationships. From managing hectic schedules, decreased sleep and overcommitted children to finding the time to slow down, breathe and take control in the moment; the tools and technologies in today’s mom’s arsenal are not providing quick enough emotional and physical “hacks” in the moment.

"It is with great pleasure that we are participating in “Distinctive Assets” Mother’s Day 2015 celebrity VIP gift bag event.” says Adora. “The gift bags will be given to celebrity mothers including Blake Lively, Eva Mendes, Jessica Biel, Zooey Deschanel to celebrate Mother’s Day. I developed these products for myself, my family and friends. They have sustained me through my own personal daily transitions from CEO to mother of two, wife and healer. Every mother, celebrity or not, needs healthy, scalable, repeatable habits at her fingertips to cope with life’s demands. Aromatherapy taps into ancient wisdom, natural ingredients and science. Our dream is to support positive new behaviors.” 

Each celebrity mom will receive a personalized collection of ADORAtherapy® Mood Boost™ products including either:

●      Gal on the Go™ Collection: Gal on the Go™ Mood Boosts put a modern spin on traditional aromatherapy. These innovative and premium formulas created from organic, biodynamic and sustainably wild-crafted essential oils are designed to boost a person’s mood through the power of scent wherever and whenever it's needed. Available in travel-size bottles, a good mood is at your fingertips. With the choice of seven expertly formulated and natural boosts, there's a pick-me-up for every situation and every personal taste, allowing women a chic new way to express their innermost personas through the power of scent.

●      Chakra Boost™ Collection: These wellness and yoga products are formulated with organic, biodynamic and sustainably wild-crafted essential oils, gem essences and organic jojoba to create a positive uplifting experience throughout the day or night. The seven distinct blends are designed to enhance personal empowerment and emotional well-being.

About Aromatherapy

Aromatics have been prized for centuries for their therapeutic, spiritual, and aesthetic benefits.

Today, aromatherapy has become a popular trend among natural product consumers to assist with specific health and wellness needs to create a healthy lifestyle, balance our emotions and to enhance our spiritual connection.  At ADORAtherapy®, we believe that aromatherapy is more than just a trend but a lifestyle choice that allows us to embody our highest human potential through the consistent habitual use of our specialty blended products.

Scent is perhaps the most evocative of the senses and it allows us the powerful ability to shift how we feel in the moment. True aromatherapy allows us to be fully empowered to create the best possible existence for ourselves, and every way we relate to the world around us.

About ADORAtherapy®

Since 1998, ADORAtherapy® has supported the quest for stress reduction, personal growth, and overall health and wellness with a vast selection of true aromatherapy products.

ADORAtherapy®, an innovative aromatherapy formulator, provides targeted natural aromas designed to Boost Your Mood. Anytime. Anywhere. Our Good Mood Boost™ sprays, Gal on the Go™ natural fragrances and Chakra Boost™ roll ons are the next evolution of aromatherapy personal care products. Our collection offers the versatility and portability of expertly formulated 100% pure aromas that lift and shift your mood in the moment, and support the creation of new habit patterns designed to empower healthy lifestyle choices.

Adora Winquist, Founder and Chief Formulator’s unique observations are derived from over 17 years experience studying human emotional response to specific aromas and specifically sourcing rare and premium aromatics from around the world, “I have identified two key areas of opportunity around experiencing optimal emotional well being to, in turn, unlock human potential,” says Adora. “First, we face countless experiences daily that elicit the stress response creating overwhelm, anxiety, depression, fatigue and insomnia. Having a Mood Boost™ at your fingertips allows you to literally change the trajectory of emotional response creating a more positive,  empowering mindset. Second, we face numerous transition moments daily, from shifting roles from mom to career women, from parent to spouse, from employee to caregiver, or mom and wife.  We deeply understand these ebbs and flows of the emotional terrain of human experience and our purpose is to provide our expertly formulated ADORAtherapy® Mood Boost™ collection around these insights.

We are committed to creating innovative products from premium organic, biodynamic and sustainably wild-crafted raw materials, supporting the growing trend toward natural, organic and eco friendly - encouraging a healthier environment and a happier, healthier you.

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