More bandwidth or better quality?

We live in a society where more always seems to be better and while that may be true in some cases it may not be in the case of your Internet Service Provider. Just like new manufactures release cell phones every year it seems cable Internet providers continue to offer more bandwidth packages leaving some of us feeling left behind. The truth is that most of our business customers don't use a 10th of their bandwidth on a daily basis, who really keeps track anyways. Well, we do, VoiceOnyx monitors our customers networks for performance 24 hours a day and we collect data such as uptime, speed/latency, and bandwidth consumption in effort to provide the very best quality of service. As we are all now in an era where everything is online: email, crm/databases, websites, phone, video conferencing, etc, bandwidth is important, but not as important as a reliable and consistently fast connection.

Let me explain:

We can all remember back when services such as DSL were the way to go up until Cable Internet made its debut, and now it seems we have come back full circle. The original incumbent telephone companies have now deployed fiber and have allowed their original DSL networks to compete with the cable companies bandwidth offerings. FIOS from Verizon, Prisim from CenturyLink, and UVERSE from AT&T are now widely available and offer a highly reliable Internet service experience.

VoiceOnyx measures a customers Internet connection reliability with three metrics: packet loss, latency, and jitter. Bandwidth is really only a metric of how much data you can move at one time where latency is how fast your information moves from one place to another. Jitter is a measurement of consistency of your latency. I am sure a lot of these terms you have never heard of, however, they are equally important as bandwidth. We have found an increasing trend from our customer base quality metric results, that non cable Internet customers experience the most reliable and consistent connections.

If you are having issues with the quality of your Internet or the quality of any of the services being provided over your connection, feel free to give contact us (888-321-3350) and request a complimentary monitoring of your connection. VoiceOnyx can also provide Internet services throughout the State of Florida and can help you find the best quality connection to fit your needs and budget.