Empower Network Expands Vision and Focus, Providing Financial Growth for Families

February 20, 2014 – Dorothy Johnston of Empower Network has demonstrated how the company is expanding its vision and focus. Providing the opportunity for many families to see financial growth, it continues to expand the reach using various tools and training on the web through the help of ordinary people.


Creating teams and driving leadership are helping to expand this vision. A focus on helping members to grow personally and financially is the center of not just a work culture, but an online community. Dorothy Johnston has experienced an improvement in quality of life and has launched a site to represent her own interests and show how the program allowed financial growth and other benefits.


Going Beyond Finance


Johnstonhas created a lifestyle focused blog with inspirational stories, recipes, leadership stories, and testimonials. The site is not just a promotional tool. It is a place of expression and a resource of other entrepreneurs to interact and learn more about how one person has changed their life for themselves and their family.


The opportunity to earn commissions and contribute to a marketing campaign is revealed to be hard work, but that which pays off.Johnstonreveals her transformation through a website and social media pages which help further build the community created by Empower Network.


Learn How You Can Benefit Too


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About Dorothy Johnston


Dorothy Johnston, in retail management for over 30 years, lived a life where upper management thrived while their workers earned minimum wage. Escaping the corporate ladder, she saw more value in creating a retirement nestegg and providing continuous financial freedom for her family, while never returning to the retail field.





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