Sun Roads Farmory revolutionizes animal feed production

Alternative Feed Source to keep livestock healthier

Sun Roads Farmory has been in the business of providing high quality feed to livestock and pet owners for over ten years garnering praise for the exemplary quality of their products.  When it comes to top quality Sprouts, Sprouting grains, Agricultural machinery, Feed, Cattle feeding, Crop, Fodder and Fodder Solutions,they really are past masters. Says Ron Doore, the---- of the company, “The reason for our being so successful in this business is our utter and total commitment to quality. When we combine this with honest to goodness prices, we earn everlasting loyalty from our clients.”

This statement is borne out by the many glowing testimonials the company regularly gets from its customers. For instance, Vicki R. from Southern Arizona says, "My horses have never looked this healthy ever, and my cost of feed has gone down dramatically."Rosa C. from Central Colorado echoes the same sentiment with, "Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you that the horses love the biscuits!"

After spending nearly nineteen years on its research and development, Sun Roads have introduced turnkey alternative feed growing systems. This will in fact prove a godsend in the present times when global weather patterns have gone berserk with water shortages and inclement weather having become commonplace. This will enable producers to have access to uninterrupted supply of organic green feed regardless of weather conditions!

Not only are Sun Roads constantly innovating, they are also fanning out throughout the country, enabling more and more customers to have access to their superior product. A recent example is the opening of a new plant in Crossville, Tennessee to cater to the needs of producers in the eastern part of the United States.

Not content to rest on their laurels, Sun Roads are in the process of developing sprouting technologies for human consumption, giving an entirely new dimension to their business. When launched, these will cater to both restaurants and residences. It is this ever persistent quest for excellence and innovation that have resulted in an immense success that the company enjoys. In fact, so important is quality to them that no product will carry the brand name unless there is complete satisfaction on the part of the company management about its quality matching the exacting standards demanded by the company.

Going forward, one can expect the company to continue being the customers’ preferred choice in so far as quality pet and livestock feed are concerned. Especially their turnkey feeding solutions are expected to be quite a rage.

About Sun Roads Farmory

Sun Road Farmory´s Alternative Feed Systems are hydroponic growing rooms that have been specifically developed to sprout grain and legume seeds for highly nutritious and cost effective livestock feed. The feed is harvested in a ´sprout mat´ that is completely edible and high in nutrition. The entire process, from seeding of the growing trays to actual fodder feed, takes only six days. Growth is achieved in a totally controlled environment which gives the producer the ability to provide a consistent high nutrient 100 % organic green feed to their animals regardless of weather or unstable market prices. The Systems are designed with advanced, user-friendly technologies and apply proven state-of-the-art growing methods based upon many years of research and product development. The Feed Systems are available in modular sized fully transportable container in a various range of sizes. SRF can also provide custom-sized commercial systems specific to the individual producer´s needs.

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