Laptops, just like any other product, have several types that service specific needs. There is a laptop type for application developers, a laptop type for scientific research, a laptop type for gamers, and so on. All these differ in their system configurations. A laptop may have all the high-end hardware and software components installed or it may have just a basic configuration, depending up on the needs of the user. One such example of the former type is Gaming laptops South Africa.

Gaming laptops South Africa is meant for playing computer games. It may sound simple, but it is a complex piece of technology. Its processor, RAM and display requirements go beyond what a regular laptop can offer. These also require longer battery lives, multiple USB ports, microphone, quality speakers, gameplay devices and high resolution webcams to provide a user with the perfect gaming experience.

The distinct feature of Gaming laptops South Africa will always be a high performance graphics card. These are required to produce high quality graphics by seamlessly integrating landscapes and action sequences in gaming scenarios. This is made possible by the graphic card possessing a CPU and memory of its own. Graphic cards come with 512MB, 1GB and 2GB of dedicated graphics memory. Top graphics card manufacturers include nVIDIA, ATI and Intel. The graphics cards nowadays support 3D gaming.

Normal laptops come with integrated graphics card such as the Intel GMA, which share laptop processor and main memory with other components. The absence of a dedicated CPU and memory forces the graphics card to render graphics using shared resources. This may prove to be enough for simpler games such as Solitaire, but is insufficient for more complex ones such as Halo. If you still try to run these games on such machines, there will be serious display and response issues. Only a dedicated graphics card can provide you with the type of graphic rendering required for playing high-end video games.

Another Gaming laptops South Africa requirement is a powerful processor. Quick response times are crucial during game plays. Even a slight lag can misdirect the character movement, ruining the whole gaming experience. Dual cores and quad core processors are known to handle process requests more efficiently than their counterparts. A sufficiently large RAM must be accompanying the powerful processor. Most gaming laptops require a RAM upwards of 4GB.

All these components would not matter much if the visual display unit is lacking in size or resolution. Correct screen resolutions make for a great gaming experience and larger displays make them perfect. Be sure to choose a Gaming laptop deals in South Africaconfiguration that not only runs the current games but can also support those which are due for release in the next year or so.

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